Walk Through Metal Detector

Walk Through Metal Detector

Walk Through Metal DetectorWalk Through Metal Detector For Security Inspection In Church, Hotel

The Walk Through Gate adopts mini controller. Which is more convenient for maintenance and installation. And support expansion functions: such as PC control (Via cable or wireless solution), control Turnstile, add wheel accessory or other function optional.

In addition, it could have Garrett Walk Through Metal Detector similar functions : Traffic Lights (optional). All these comprehensive functional systems can better meet the security requirements of high-end venues, such as important government departments, church, hotels, public transportation and other needs. Multiple models on our Walk Through Metal Detector, please review by www.safeagle.com

Meanwhile, the Arch Metal Detector, namely, Metal Detector Gate is pregnant safe. And the production process also adopts advanced anti-interference and more stable technology. At the same time, it can keep a high sensitivity. And 2 or 3 more objects locate in different places also can be detected precisely. Also it is Data storage safe even power failure, could detect ferrous metals and tin,aluminum and other metals. On safety, our sockets are plugged in male and female, which are not easy to conduct and have no safety hazards. Proved one of the most cost-effective Walk Through Metal Detector by now. We support OEM & ODM. Welcome all customers and distributors join us!

Walk Through Metal Detector For School, University, Embassy, Jail

The Walk-Through Detector with the 2019 up-to-date technology. Provides pinpointing of individual and multiple metal targets from the shoe level to the crossbar, detects and visually indicates the location and number of possible threat objects. Mainly for detecting threat metal objects, such as inspect knives and handguns, etc. dangerous metal tools. And the purpose for security inspection. Not only have high performance, but also the different product series could meet multi-zones demand, i.e. 6zones, 18zones, 33zones from different product series, which could cover all customer demand(low, mid, high end). 

Meanwhile, it has Garrett similar Walk Through Metal Detector in the working principle. But performance is no less than Garrett's and more affordable. Particularly, it adopts single-zone and single-alarm technology. No matter how big the metal object is, all can locate precisely in the related one single zone. Much saved inspectors time. Plus, the product is strictly compliant with the NIJ0601.02 regulation. Thus, quality and safety are more assured. Has got many positive feedbacks in Western countries and American markets. 

Also, our Metal Detector Gate is modern and of practical design. It is heavier than market general gates and supports a wind-stand. Both general metal objects or tiny metal objects (such as staples and small coines), can be precisely detected and no false alarm. Since now, our Gate type Walk Through Detector has been used in most public places, such as school, university, jail, railway stations, bus stations, subway stations, convention centers, stadiums, museums, cultural attractions, hotels, churches, libraries, television stations, stock exchanges, embassies, parties, public security law department, scientific research units, factories, etc. places. For more on our Walk Through Metal Detector, can refer toz:www.safeagle.com

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