Classic series Hand Held Metal Detectors

 Hand Held Metal Detector MD-3003B1Classic series  Hand Held Metal Detectors Full Body Scanner

   The hand-held metal detector is a small metal detector that is also a special tool for a safety inspection. It is used to detect metal objects carried by people or objects. Our metal detectors are small, lightweight and flexible. It has a large scanning area and can respond quickly when metal objects are detected. There are two modes of sound and vibration depending on the site environment.
   It accurately detects metal objects in packages, suitcases, letters, fabrics, etc. that people carry, effectively preventing dangerous events from occurring at the source. It is usually used in public places with a walkthrough metal detector. When the "walkthrough metal detector" alarm finds a metal object, a hand-held metal detector can be used to find the exact location of the metal object. 
  Our metal detectors are widely used in public places around the world, such as embassies, public security departments, stations, airports, schools, etc.

metal detector GC-1002Product advantages of the classic series hand-held metal detector

   Our detection instruments are all made of high-quality components. The detection accuracy is high, the operation is simple, the appearance is light and beautiful, the sound is crisp and loud, and it has the function of starting and detecting warning lights and automatic sound and light conversion. Its ability to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals, easy to use and adjust. Especially suitable for some public places which require the detection has a high sensitivity. 
   We use the latest components and placement technology to effectively reduce battery drain and extend standby time. Save a lot of cost under the premise of ensuring quality, providing more choices for the buyer. These detectors were sold to the United States, Russia, India, Turkey, and many other countries, they won the praise of customers. If your budget is limited, this series will be your best choice.

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