High Performance X-Ray Baggage Scanner

High Performance X-Ray Baggage Scanner

X-Ray Baggage Scanner with Powerful Detection System to Find the Suspected Weapon at Checkpoint and Airport

Safeagle High-Performance X-Ray Baggage Scanner Ideal for use at hotels, shopping malls, factories, office building, bank, court, church etc. The baggage scanner offers advanced new 7 color imaging technology, shows images in 7 colors, enables users to achieve optimal material identification by allowing them to view screened objects in 7 colors, each colors correcting to a specific range of Atomic Z-number. Additionally, the detection of thin objects is unfulfillable technical problems for most suppliers, the scanner we produced allows scanning thin objects like phone cells, envelopes, keys, books, etc.

X-ray baggage scanner

Safeagle Hot Sales CE FCC Compliance Security X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Every production process of the x-ray screening device must be strictly controlled by the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate of Conformity. All the luggage x-ray machine has passed the international standard, CE, RoHS, FCC compliance, and the Radiation Safety License.

The baggage scanner machine is the precise device, to make it easy for users, Safeagle provides the finished product to our clients, no more complicated installation, they only need 3 steps, to plug in and on-key startup then open the software, a brand new scanning screen will appear. 

The advanced imaging capability of our x-ray baggage scanner raises the standard for small-sized x-ray screening systems and delivers an array of features that give operators the information they need to clear suspicious items quickly and more effectively. If you prefer to cost-effective products, Safeagle x-ray security scanner is your best choice.

The new important feature of Z-scan, especially for Z-number 7, Z-number 8, Z-number 9, is the auxiliary detection for explosive and drug objects, highlighting the areas of special interest to the user. When detecting a significant mass of any organic material that has the same Z-number as military explosives or drugs, the Z-number of 7/8/9 parts in the image will start blinking on the screen. 

X-Ray Baggage Scanner

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