Bomb Disposal Tank

Bomb Disposal Tank

Bomb Disposal TankChina Security Protection Bomb Disposal Tank can Prevent the Shock Waves and Debris

SE-TB15 Bomb Disposal Tank, a single pressure releasing special equipment, is an all-important barrel type security device that can effectively prevent the horizontal diffusion of shock waves and debris from the blasting grenade or other explosives, which can reduce even avoid the risking damage to the surrounding populations and the important facilities, such as the precious cultural relics, valuable instrusments, etc. The anti-explosive tank is one of the essential security protection devices that can be used in all kinds of large-scale activities and important public places, such as armed police, civil aviation, railways stations, ports, customs, venues and other explosion-proof security check departments.

The high-performance bomb disposal tank can timely transfer the suspected explosive devices discovered to a safer areas, so as to make proper disposal. Antidetonating quality is an important index of this explosion containment vessel used to place the unexploded or exploding devices.  Its Antidetonating quality is stronger than the other common one and is more cost effective than the same bomb disposal tank abroad.  It can withstand the explosive energy of 1.5kg TNT explosives and fast, and accommodate all lateral explosion fragments. After the blasting, the outer tank body is complete, no cracks, no perforatio, also no burning, no thick smoke and no dumping. Now the anti-explosion tank is becoming a preferred security device of armed police, public security and other govenment departments.


Military Force Preferred Explosion Containment Vessel

The anti-explosion storage tank consists of the carbon steel tank and head cover, inner diameter and depth is 59,8 cmx65 cm. The inner layer and ourlayer of the bomb disposal tank is made of high-strength, impact-resistant carbon steel plate, a net bag to put the explosive objects is stably fixed in the bottom of the tank, and the universal wheel is equipped at the bottom, which is convenient for transfering.

If no explosion occurs, it can be stored for life, and the warranty period is permanent. The products have passed the certification by the Testing Center for Quality of Special Police Equipments under the Ministry of Public Security of P.R. CHINA. The results of the inspections are in compliance with the relevant requirements of the bomb disposal tank of 1.5kg TNT explosion equivalent to the "GA 871-2010 explosion-proof tank", we also call it as "TNT disposal vessel".

In recent years, with the increasingly serious international security situation, terrorist attacks have a severe trend of rapid spread across the global day by day. For a long time, terrorists have chosen the places with concentrated human activities, poor rescue, high lethality, and extensive social influence. Attacks were carried out to achieve shock and cause panic. When using a 82-2 standard grenade to detonate the bomb, it would not be lethal for most forms of life 1 meter away from the explosion center.


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