Bomb Blanket

Bomb Blanket

bomb blanketPolice Used Safety Explosion-proof Bomb Blanket

The bomb suppression blanket, an blanket shape explosion-proof safety protection equipment, is mainly used for temporary isolation of explosives, temporary storage, temporary disposal and security protection, and is an essential equipment for explosion prevention. This bomb blanket is widely used at military force and civil aviation, police station, government building, railway station, checkpoint, port, customs and other places.

The anti-explosion carpet is main made of superior polyethylene fiber with excellent anti-fragment performance. The special sewing process ensures the full absorption of the energy generated by the explosive fragments, which can effectively reduce the shock waves and debris generated by explosives objects to protect the surrounding people and the property such as public facilities, cultural relic, vital documents, etc.

Explosion-proof blanket adopts advanced double-fence structure, which can effectively block the destructive effect of 82-2 grenade explosion, which is equivalent to the explosive power of 70g TNT high explosive. It can form a three-layer blocking effect on explosive debris and impact effect. Maximizing the protection of people and objects near the explosion center from damage, this bomb blanket is an important means of temporarily disposing of explosives on site.

If no explosion occurs, it can be stored for life, and the warranty period is permanent. The products have passed the certification by the Testing Center for Quality of Special Police Equipments under the Ministry of Public Security of P.R. CHINA. The results of the inspections are in compliance with the relevant requirements of the bomb disposal blanket of 70kg TNT explosion equivalent to the "GA 871-2010 explosion-proof blanket", we also call it as "TNT disposal blanket".

China Bomb blanket for Metro Station Protection

We still can hear the news report that a terrorist bomb attack happended in a building, killing 50 people and injuring 10 others, which generated an enormous amount of fear. In order to minimize the tragedy, the government starts to strictly control the explosion in the way of purchasing and manufacturing.  It will make harder for the terrorist to organize a big bomb attack like the metro station attack in Brussels, Madrid, Moscow, and the one in Manchester. But we still need to ready anytime anywhere.

Nowadays, many public places has installed all kinds of security protection system, such as the hand held explosive trace detector, x-ray baggage screening machines, liquid detector, etc. but these equipments only can assist to detect and find the explosion, once blasting happened, it will cause a very destructve power to kill. It is a vulnerability for the whole security system.  In this case, Safeagle blast-proof carpet can play an important role to reduce the harm from the blasting. The highest protection level of this bomb fragmentation blanket can reach 70g of TNT, and the personnel will be safe who keeps 1 meter away from the blasting center with the bomb blanket.


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