Ultrasonic Package Disinfecting Sprayer System

Safeagle Ultrasonic Package Disinfecting Sprayer System For Cold chain goods, express parcels, checked baggage and goods, etc.

By using a 360° full range of Ultrasonic Package Disinfecting Sprayer System on the pack from Cold Chain Commodities, Express Parcels, Checked Luggage, Goods, Personal Belongings. That can kill or inhibit harmful viruses that adsorb and stay on surfaces during transportation, we could stop infections before they even get into the body. So, Safeagle has designed and manufactured a set of customized spray disinfection systems for the needs of different industries.

Disinfecting Sprayer


How it works and how to kill harmful viruses on the package surface

Ultrasonic Package Disinfecting Sprayer System is mainly composed of roller conveyors, spray disinfection systems, intelligent control parts, etc., which realize effective disinfection of goods before unloading and storage. Made of SUS304 food-grade stainless steel, with a high degree of automation, beautiful appearance, and compact structure. It can atomize the disinfectant to 0.5-5μm through ultrasonic waves and then enters it into the channel. When the package passes through the channel, the surface of the package will be fully covered by the atomized disinfectant (the coverage rate reaches 99.5%), and the package is fully covered. Causes slight wetting without generating runoff, thereby achieving the effect of disinfection and virus suppression. The system structure design is divided into multiple designs of power transmission and non-power transmission. The speed of the conveying roller drive motor can be adjusted according to the customer's on-site needs, so as to achieve different atomization and disinfection effects. Also equipped with a moving wheel, which is convenient and quick to use. The pressure of the disinfecting sprayer device of the system can be adjusted according to the speed of the conveying line in order to achieve a better atomization effect.

Ultrasonic Package Disinfecting Sprayer System - Safeagle

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