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Which items should be checked in the subway security check?

   As we all know, there have been many public safety accidents in today's society, so the safety inspection in public areas has begun to be tightened. For example, airports, railway stations, and subway stations, these are public areas which with quite large traffic, plus the May Day holiday, it is bound to form a new round of travel peaks. Therefore, security inspections have also become more stringent requirements. During the days in major cities such as Nanjing, Beijing, and Shenzhen, all passengers' bags and liquids will be examined. Then the question is coming, what should be checked in the subway station? What is the main security equipment?  

security check in train station

X-ray baggage scanner

   At the airport and the train station, there will be an X-ray baggage inspection machine for security check, which mainly scans the contents of the baggage by X-ray, and can detect the contraband without checking the bag. The security inspector identified some contraband by staring at the display and through the color and shape of the items on the display. For example, the color of the liquid is orange, the firecracker is green, and the metal object is blue. If there is liquid or contraband in the bag, the staff member will be notified to open the package for inspection.
   Typically, X-ray baggage inspection machines at airports and stations have special settings in which cameras are mounted above each end of the conveyor. These two cameras are mainly used to monitor X-ray machines for security equipment. In order to prevent passengers from picking up packages or responding to certain disputes, it is convenient to retrieve the video at the first time.

x-ray baggage scanner be used in Kazakhstan

Explosive detector

   Explosives detectors are mainly used to detect the composition of powdered explosives. If the X-ray baggage inspection machine suspects that there are explosives in the passenger's baggage, the security inspector will first take samples with the test paper and then put the test paper into the machine for secondary testing. If there are contraband items such as K powder and TNT detected, the machine will automatically report it. Once the explosives are released, they are immediately placed in the explosion-proof ball to prevent the explosion from causing damage.

Explosive detector

Liquid detector

   If the baggage carried by the passenger is detected to contain liquid, it needs to be taken out for re-inspection. The benchtop liquid tester can detect bottled liquids and canned liquids. When ordinary water and beverages are placed on the detector, the green light will illuminate. If it is contraband such as gasoline or alcohol, it will light up red. In addition to the benchtop liquid detector, checkpoints are also equipped with a portable liquid tester to facilitate temporary inspection when there are more passengers.
   The liquid detector is a security instrument specially designed to detect flammable and explosive liquids. It uses the quasi-static computerized tomography technique to determine the flammability and explosiveness of the liquid to be tested by measuring the dielectric constant and conductivity of the liquid to be tested. The detector can distinguish flammable and explosive liquids such as medicine, gasoline, acetone, ethanol, and thinner from safe liquids such as water, cola, milk, and juice without directly contacting the liquid.

Liquid detector

   The instrument is very simple to use, just place the detector probe on the surface of the container to be tested, the detection height is lower than the liquid level in the container and then press the probe button. The green LED indicator indicates that the liquid in the container is safe. The red LED is on, indicating that the liquid contains flammable and explosive elements. The detector does not contain high-pitched, microwave-ray sources and other potentially hazardous elements and is safe for the operator.
   Liquid security instruments are not yet widely used in the security check. Due to various factors, the standards for liquid security inspections are not uniform in various places. Therefore, many people may not understand the liquid security inspection process. When they pass the security inspection, they will feel disgusted with the test.
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