X-ray Baggage Scanner Plays an Important Role in the Area of Subway Security


X-ray Baggage Scanner Plays an Important Role in the Area of Subway Security Management

x-ray baggage scanner

(x-ray baggage scanner)

securityBeijing Metro Escalator Retrograde Event

At the Xuanwumen Station of Beijing Metro Line 2 in 2014, a female passenger collapsed and dropped the platform and climbed on her own. The train did not come into contact with the passengers. At 7:18, a passenger on the No. 2 line Gulou Street Station jumped off the platform and the train stopped. The incident caused the instantaneous flow of people on Line 2.


securityNanjing Subway Collision Incident

At 10:40 am on April 24, 2011, a tragedy occurred on the South Extension Line of Nanjing Metro Line 1: a man who entered the track area was smashed and killed near Nanjing South Railway Station. For this accident, the train was delayed for 12 minutes, and the entire line returned to normal after 43 minutes. In addition, at 7:45 pm on July 3, 2007, a man jumped off the platform at the Zhujiang Road Station of Nanjing Metro and became the first person to commit suicide on the subway track; February 17, 2011, at noon on the day of the martyrdom At 12:07, a female passenger jumped on the new model Fan Road Station of Nanjing Metro Line 1, and was pushed by the inbound train. The woman died.


The Importance of Subway Security System

Monitoring system, security inspection system, access control system, and intelligent video analysis. The video surveillance system is the core part, accounting for 50%-60%, the security inspection system accounts for 30%-40%, and the anti-theft alarm system is relatively few. From the perspective of demand, the share of security x-ray baggage scanner, explosive detection, and toxic gas detection will increase. With the development of technology and the actual needs of subway security, it will be gradually upgraded in the near future.

The subway operates in a relatively small and enclosed underground space, where people are densely populated and vulnerable to attack and destroy. With the increasing demand for subway security inspection construction, the number of the x-ray machine, baggage screening scanner, doorframe metal detector, the explosive detector has doubled, and it is useful for the security staffs to find problems under the help of these inspection devices. Intelligence is a constant demand in the world. At present, subway safety management has evolved from passive after-the-fact remediation to more proactive predictive safety management methods. The use of intelligent video analysis technology to achieve early warning and prevention. The security technology is developing very rapidly. 

The proportion of the entire subway construction and operating costs are not very high, but when it comes to extreme events, the role played is very important. As an emerging industry with great growth in the national economy, the security industry is developing rapidly, and the demand for security products in various industries is increasing, such as x-ray baggage scanner, walk through metal detector, explosive detector, etc. It is reported that 33 cities in China are planning to build subways, and 28 cities have been approved. Metro security will become another hot spot in the security industry.

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