X Ray Security Scanner Working Principle (Part 2)


X Ray Security Scanner Working Principle (Part 2)

The X Ray Security Scanner or called X Ray Baggage Inspection Machine is mainly composed of X-ray tube, power supply and control circuit. Well, X-ray tube is composed of Cathod, Anode and vacuum glass tube. And the X Ray Secuirty Scanner's power supply can be divided into high-voltage power supply and filament power supply. Filament power supply is used for heating the filament. The high voltage output of high voltage power supply is applied to the cathode, and the anode target respectively to provide a high voltage electric field to accelerate the active electrons on filament to anode target to form a high speed electron flow.

X Ray Security Scanner

In imaging principle, the X Ray Baggage Inspection System can produce X-rays in three ways: Bremsstrahlung, electron trapping and internal conversion. The mechanism by which X Ray Security Machines generate X-rays is bremsstrahlung.

The radiation from the vacuum tube that can penetrate the object is stronger in energy than the visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum, the wavelength is shorter, the frequency is higher, and the similar radiation has cosmic rays, X-ray, and etc. To produce X-Ray, you must have an X-ray tube, and the basic structure of the X-ray tube must have below:

1, Cathode;

2, Anode;

3. Evacuated glass envelope;

4, of course, there must be power supply.

The line is generated by first turning on the power, passing through a step-down transformer, for heating the X-ray tube, generating free electrons and collecting near the cathode. When the step-up transformer supplies high voltage to the two poles of the X-ray tube, the potential difference between the cathode and the anode increases sharply, and the free electrons in the active state are strongly attracted, so that the bundled electrons travel from the cathode to the anode at a high speed, impinging on the atomic structure of the anode tungsten target. At this point, energy conversion occurs, in which about 1% of the energy forms X-rays, and the remaining 99% is converted into heat. The former is mainly emitted by the X-ray tube window, and the latter is provided by the heat dissipation facility to emit XRAY to provide corresponding feedback signals. For closed-loop control, the pulse width modulation technology is adopted, and the working frequency is around 30KHZ. The voltage and current are closed-loop adjusted, and overvoltage is provided. Stream protection.

X Ray Security Inspection System

 The security inspection machine is completed by feeding the checked baggage into the  channel by means of a conveyor belt. After the baggage enters the channel, the light barrier signal is blocked, and the detection signal is sent to the control unit to trigger the radiation source to emit the X-ray beam. A very narrow fan-shaped X-ray beam passing through the collimator penetrates the baggage items on the conveyor belt onto the dual energy detector, and the high-efficiency semiconductor detector turns the received X-ray into an electrical signal. These weak current signals is directly quantized and transmitted to the industrial control computer for further processing through the universal serial bus. After complicated calculation and imaging processing, high quality images are obtained.

These are the further introduction of the working principle of X Ray Security Scanner System. After you understand it, you can better use the X Ray Security Inspection System in practice, this way, more people can better know and better use the X Ray Security Machine to protect people's safety.

X Ray Baggage Inspection Machine

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