security screening machines were not installed in Sri Lanka

security screening machines were not installed in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan police confirmed on the 21st that three Catholic churches and three luxury hotels in the capital Colombo and surrounding areas were bombed at the same time on the same day. Two more explosions occurred in Colombo that afternoon.

security screening machines

These churches and hotels are not equipped with security screening machines and explosive detector, and can detect dangerous goods carried to some extent.

The driving recorder took pictures of the explosion of the Church of St. Anthony in Colombo (Source: Pear Video)

As of 23:00 on the 21st, Beijing time, the Sri Lankan police reported that the number of deaths caused by the current series of explosions has risen to 207, including 35 foreigners, and 470 others were injured. The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka confirmed on the 21st that two Chinese citizens were killed in a serial bomb attack on the same day. The number of injured Chinese citizens is being further verified.

The British "Guardian" reported on the 21st that Sri Lankan Defense Minister Luwan Weijie Wadner said that seven people were arrested for the attack.

The local police arrested a man near a hotel on the outskirts of the capital. The video showed that the man was violently harassed by the local people before being escorted back to the police car.

baggage scanner

At present, no organization has claimed to have created this series of bombings. But what has been confirmed is:

The Shangri-La hotel attack was carried out by the suicide bomber Zahran Hashim, while the man named Abu Mohammad bombed the church of Batticaloa. The hotel does not have a security check-in machine.

Sri Lankan Defense Minister Luwan Weijie Wadner said that the identity of the murderer has been confirmed as a religious extremist.

In addition, a truck suspected of being used to load and transport explosive devices was found to have been detained by a truck driver. The truck may be used to carry the items involved in the bombing on the 21st of April. The bomb was not found because there was no relevant security machine to detect dangerous goods.

Police issued a national warning 10 days before the explosion

According to local media reports in Sri Lanka, from February to April 2019, Christian worship activities throughout Sri Lanka were subject to some degree of interference on Sundays and have lasted for 11 Sundays.

It is worth noting that AFP reported in the report that the Sri Lankan police issued a national warning on the 11th of this month that the information provided by foreign intelligence organizations indicates that there may be an explosion attack on the church in Sri Lanka in the near future. However, this warning message failed to prevent the serial explosion. Also did not install the security inspection machine/x-ray baggage scanner in time

In the past few years, the Sri Lankan government had information indicating that some of the country’s Muslims went to Syria and Iraq to participate in the “Islamic State”. Some of them later returned to the country, and the Sri Lankan government and the security department have been closely monitoring them.

The families of the victims of the Sri Lanka bombings are deeply saddened.

After the explosion, all Easter Masses in the Colombo area were cancelled. The authorities have closed social media and communication services. The Sri Lankan Minister of Education announced that in order to ensure safety, the national school will be suspended for two days from the 22nd.

After she left for about 40 minutes, the church exploded.


A local Chinese company official told the World Wide Web on the 21st, because the day of the incident was Sunday, most of the employees were resting and did not go out. The person in charge also said that there was more people in the church on Easter that day. A local employee of the company went to the exploding church earlier, but fortunately, she left earlier and left her for about 40 minutes. After that, the church exploded. But this employee is younger and currently has a very unstable mood.

The person in charge also said that just on April 13 and 14 of a week ago, most Sri Lankans had just finished the New Year, and they were very lively outside and found no abnormalities. If the incident church and hotel are equipped with security screening machines or security check machines, it may reduce the number of casualties.

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