X-ray baggage scanner why so important


X-ray baggage scanner

X-ray baggage scanner why so important? 

Some people may think that the baggage security inspection machine should only appear in large crowded places such as airports and stations.


When some activities are installed in the concert or exhibition hall, if the security screening machine is installed, it will be "but it is also a" troublesome thing "to ensure the safety of participants, let them enjoy the fun in the venue.


With the X-ray machine installed, the security inspection personnel no longer need to check the suspected contraband with the naked eyes, which can minimize the security risks brought by packages and luggage and ensure the safety of guests and hotels.


In addition, for cities with developed trade, the flow of people brought by foreign trade import and export business brings not only business income but also personnel complexity and security risks. Therefore, the installation of a security inspection machine at the entrance of the city has become an important measure of urban security management.


So, how to choose an X-ray baggage machine?

We can analyze it from the scene. The baggage of general hotel occupants is 20-28 inches, the smallest 20 inches are 34 cm * 50 cm * 20 cm, 28 inches is 48 cm * 70 cm * 30 cm, the largest is 32 inches, but because of The 32-inch suitcase is very common, and it must be specially customized.


So the hotel security inspection machine uses a passage of 100 cm * 80 cm. For example, the HP-SE5030C X-ray baggage scanner machine. we sell is very suitable as a hotel security inspection machine. Even the price is affordable, the picture is clear, and it has a high-cost performance.

X-ray baggage scanner

The compact model F5030C luggage scanning machine is the upgraded version of F5030A with additional features of Dual-energy. The system is really reliable, easy to install, and fully relocated, which is a great choice for clients who need high quality 4 colors x-ray imaging with full sets of Safeagle Dual Energy Imaging Detection System(DEIDS).


In the case of safety inspection for large baggage, such as the factory, warehouse, customs, Freight company, Logistics company, Terminal, First-class station. F100100c is one of the most widely used baggage screening machines with large channel size.  


The large-scale model F100100C x-ray baggage scanning equipment is the second largest screening scanner among the Safeagle large-scale series. The system is really reliable, easy to be moved and fully relocated, which allows all kinds of large hold items of baggage to scan, and the conveyor load is up to 250kg. 


The F100100C baggage scanning system is supported by the Dual Energy Imaging Detection System(DEIDS) with more than 20 imaging processing tools, enables the operator to identify materials inside the bag by allowing them to view screened objects in 4 colors. The dual-energy imaging displayed in different colors coding of materials with different atomic numbers, so that the operators can easily distinguish the contraband within any pieces of baggage.


The Safeagle F100100C, HP-SE5030C X-ray baggage scanner equipment meets the U.S. Federal Limit and is in full compliance with the mandatory regulations for aviation security in the European Union.

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