How to Identifying images of X-ray security screening machines


How to identifying images of X-ray security screening machines

In order to protect everyone's safety, Safeagle security screening machines are currently used in many occasions. Common locations are train stations, bus stations, subway stations, and airports. What are the methods for identifying images of security screening machines? How do you know that some items are dangerous? ? Let me briefly introduce to you.

1. Image monitoring method: It uses X-ray fluoroscopy image configuration to identify items. Whether items are suspicious mainly depends on the images on the monitor or display. If it is confirmed as a safe item, it needs to be investigated carefully, and the image can be located and analyzed as needed.

2. Restoration judgment method: The items in the luggage may appear different shapes or even deformed under the X-ray image due to the different viewpoints placed in the luggage. The restoration judgment method can be used to restore the restored shape.  
3. Analytic Hierarchy Process: When investigating images of overlapping objects, the overlap can be entered through the unoverlapped edges of the objects, and the original shape of the object can be identified through the analysis of the different levels of colors and shapes.

4. Structure judgment method: general objects have their own structure. After X-ray fluoroscopy, it is found that some of the things that should be missing are missing, but there is no more. For example, there is no battery, no magnetic rod, or no speaker on the radio. Highly alert.

5. Feature discrimination method: Any object has its specific external shape. The security personnel should keep in mind the shape characteristics of various objects on the monitor, and then determine what kind of items, such as facial cleanser and hair spray, show the same color, but hair spray There is a start button on it. 

The above is about the image recognition methods of security inspection machines. At present, many security inspection machines generally combine multiple identification methods, so that the accuracy of inspection is relatively high.


When an X-ray has penetrated the baggage, the penetration rate is mainly related to the organizational structure of the item and the X-ray wavelength.

Short-wavelength X-ray (highkV) has higher energy and good penetration, resulting in lower contrast (lowcontrast) on the film.
Long-wavelength X-ray (lowkV) has low energy and is easier to be absorbed by the human body, with poor penetration and high contrast on the film (Highcontrast).

X-ray generator composition
1. The X-ray source is composed of a high-voltage multiplier and an X-ray tube. The high-voltage multiplier provides the filament power and high voltage of the X-ray tube. The X-ray tube is a high-vacuum diode with a cup-shaped cathode containing the filament; the anode consists of an inclined plane. It consists of a tungsten target and an attached heat sink, and the cooling method adopts a sealed oil-cooled circulation cooling.
2. The X-ray control circuit on-signal realizes the voltage and filament signals required by the ray source and monitors the working status of the X-ray source.
3. The power supply of the ray source generator is provided by 220V from the power grid. The use of the X-ray generator requires a fluctuation of less than +/-10% on the power grid (except for voltage regulation requirements). X-ray is an electromagnetic wave with a very short wavelength. The wavelength range is 0.0006~50nm. At present, the commonly used X-ray wavelength range in X-ray security inspection is 0.008~0.031nm (equivalent to 40~150kV). In the electromagnetic radiation spectrum, it lies between gamma rays and ultraviolet rays, and has a much shorter wavelength than visible light, which is invisible to the naked eye. Radiography mainly uses the penetrability of rays, the fluorescence effect and the photographic effect.




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