Daily maintenance methods and skills of X-ray baggage scanner


Daily maintenance methods and skills of X-ray baggage scanner

If an X-ray baggage scanner wants to have a longer service life, the most important thing is maintenance and maintenance. If you do a good job in the maintenance of the X-ray baggage scanner, the machine's failure will not cause major problems. So how do daily maintenance methods and skills of X-ray baggage scanner?
1. Keep the environment dry and not humid

Why keep the environment dry? Electronic products are afraid of damp. Everyone knows that electronic products are easy to short-circuit after being damp. Many customers have not done this step. X-ray baggage scanner are made of electronic products, circuit boards and other materials. The main components are organic electricity, electronics, and optics. Wait. If after being damp due to the influence of the humid environment, the lighter will cause circuit parameter changes or mechanical parts movement failure, and the more serious will cause the electrical components to become mildewed and short-circuited after being damp, which will burn out the machine parts, or cause electric shocks due to the decrease in insulation strength . Therefore, the X-ray baggage scanner has very important environmental requirements. We must take moisture-proof measures to keep the environment dry and prevent the X-ray baggage scanner from being damp and mildewed. In this way, the normal operation of the machine can be ensured, and the service life of the machine can be prolonged. Moisture prevention is one of the safety measures and must be taken seriously.
2. External cleaning of X-ray baggage scanner
Because the X-ray baggage scanner is used to detect passengers’ luggage, it will inevitably be dusty if the machine is placed in a public place for a long time. When scrubbing the X-ray baggage scanner, you should also pay attention to it. If you use a wet towel to scrub the equipment, You don’t need water or less water to measure, and you don’t need to wet the cloth to scrub the machine. Just wipe off the dust with a dry towel. If the X-ray baggage scanner is too dirty, the towel should not be too wet when scrubbing, wring out the towel before wiping. Otherwise, the water from the towel will flow into the X-ray baggage scanner to make the machine damp.
3. Internal cleaning of X-ray baggage scanner
The X-ray baggage scanner must not only be moisture-proof but also dust-proof. If dust invades the inside of the machine, it will also cause a short circuit during the shutdown of the security inspection X. Therefore, dust-proofing is also an important measure to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Don't underestimate the consequences of dust. Dust can cause poor contact of certain electrical components, and can also form a short circuit, which affects the normal operation of the machine. Even burn out the machine. When cleaning the external dust, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner; while the dust inside the machine, it is best to use a hairdryer and a fine brush to clean up, never wipe it with a damp cloth. Some parts can be covered with a cloth cover to achieve a very good dustproof effect.
4. Operate the X-ray baggage scanner
The operation of the machine is also a very important link. When operating the machine, do not be too violent, and prevent the machine from making a sensation, especially regarding the X-ray tube support and the fluorescent screen frame, etc., and be careful when moving to prevent damage X For ray tubes and intensifiers, you must be careful in the operation, and don't delay important work at critical moments because of a small mistake.
5. Pay attention to safety check of X-ray baggage scanner

During the use of the X-ray baggage scanner, due to the service life of the equipment and some objective reasons, some unsafe factors will always occur. You need to pay attention to check at any time to prevent problems before they occur and prevent major incidents from happening. The focus of the usual inspection is whether the bottom line is connected, whether the x-ray tube sleeve is leaking, whether the temperature rise of the tube head is too high, whether the machine is working normally, whether the wire rope is broken, whether the knobs of the console are misaligned, etc. . Once an abnormality is found, the power supply of the machine should be blocked immediately for correction or replacement.

Daily maintenance methods and skills of X-ray baggage scanner

X-ray baggage scannerDaily maintenance methods and skills of X-ray baggage scanner
Normal maintenance work
1. The equipment should be installed in a ventilated, dusty, dry environment, avoid high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight.
2. During maintenance, remove the dust from the equipment first, and remove the dust with a brush and a vacuum cleaner.
3. If there is any looseness in the component or the terminal, it must be tightened immediately.
4. When the components are corroded, replace them if necessary.
5. If any component is damaged, find out the cause, and replace the new component after troubleshooting. After the device is replaced, the relevant parameters must be adjusted before it can be used normally.
6. Do not allow foreign objects or liquids to enter the equipment during maintenance to prevent leakage or accidents.
2. The specific content of maintenance and maintenance
1. Check the power indicator on the top of the device: When the device is powered on, the green indicator light is on.
2. Check the X-ray indicator light on the top of the equipment: when the ray is emitted, the red indicator light is on.
3. Check the emergency stop button above the channel: press the emergency stop button, the equipment can be powered off immediately. When the button is not reset, the device cannot be restarted.
4. Check the key switch above the channel: After the key switch is turned on, the start button can start the equipment. The radiation stop button can disconnect the power of the radiation controller. If the key switch becomes less sensitive, replace it

Daily maintenance methods and skills of X-ray baggage scanner-Safeagle

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