Are X-ray baggage scanner full of harm?


Are X-ray baggage scanner full of harm?

Hello, everyone, my name is the Safeagle X-ray baggage scanner. I work at the entrances of airports, train stations, docks, or subway stations. I welcome people who are going out or returning and on the way to and from get off work every day. At the same time, I feel that everyone is tight and loose. The rhythm of life. Regardless of wind and rain, or ice and snow; no matter whether it is a city or a door, I will silently "stand" there, watching everyone leave one by one. Some people like me and think that I protect everyone's journey safety; others hate me and think that I take up their precious time. I have something to say about this. I want everyone to understand and know me better, and hope to be your good friend. 

Tell everyone, this is how I work By using the conveyor belt to send the checked baggage items into the crawler channel, a small dose of X-rays are used to irradiate the inspection items, the rays penetrate the baggage items and fall on the detector, the detector converts the received rays into digital information, and the computer Analyze the collected digital information, and present the simulated images of the items in the luggage on the display screen. Security personnel can then determine whether there are suspicious items in the bag by observing the color and shape of the item image. Generally, yellow images of objects are organic, such as plastics, food, etc., which are safe. The images of green and black items will attract the attention of security personnel. These items may be dangerous items that are controlled or strictly prohibited and need to be opened for inspection. For example, there are many green or black objects, or they are in the shape of daggers or knives. They are generally controlled knives and other items. 

Actually, I'm completely harmless, Many people worry that I will have radiation, which will harm my health. In fact, there are thick lead curtains hanging on both sides of my body, with two layers on each side. They are made of lead. They are not used to block dust, but to shield X-rays. Moreover, this radiation dose has been tested before leaving the factory, and unqualified products that exceed the standard are not allowed to leave the factory. The radiation dose when I work at the subway, dock, station, or airport security check is also negligible, and the radiation dose received when standing next to me or passing through the security check is similar to that of a mobile phone. 

However, some passengers are often in a hurry during the security check. Before I can deliver the bag, they rushed into the lead curtain to get it. In that case, it would be equivalent to going to the hospital for X-ray examination, and the rays were directly exposed. Although the human body is not harmful to the human body occasionally several times, if the number of times is large, the exposure dose is also a little harmful. Many people are also worried that the food in their bags has been contaminated since I was swept by X-rays. Don’t worry too much about this. The X-rays emitted by the baggage screening machines have very low power and are inspected once. The radiation dose received is less than 5 microsieverts, which is far lower than those used to irradiate food for sterilization and preservation. dose. 

X-ray baggage scanner

X-ray baggage scanner

X-ray baggage scanner


Safeagle X-ray baggage scanner

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