What would you do if you have X-ray function?


What would you do if you have X-ray function?


We often see some testing equipment at the security checkpoints of hospitals or public transportation. This equipment is used to help us detect physical diseases or identify the safety of our belongings. Usually, this machine uses X-ray scan. Some people think that the x-rays emitted by this machine have an impact on our bodies. In fact, it is not. As long as we understand the principle, We don't have to worry. Please follow this article to explore the mystery of X-ray. 

X-ray is a super-strong form of ordinary light: that is, a high-energy form of electromagnetic radiation, which propagates along a straight line at the speed of light. If you can fix X-rays on a piece of paper and measure them, you will find that their wavelength is thousands of times shorter than ordinary light. This means they are more frequent. Because the energy of the electromagnetic waves is directly related to frequency, X-ray has higher energy and penetration than light waves. Therefore, X-ray can pass through objects that ordinary light waves cannot penetrate because of their higher energy.

We all know that some materials (such as glass and plastic) can make light pass easily, while others (such as wood and metal) cannot. Therefore, some materials allow X-rays to pass directly through them, while others block X-ray and let them disappear in their tracks.

When X-ray enter an object, they must pass through a huge electron cluster. If they want to pass through from the other side, they must break through the electrons. If they cannot pass through, they will be absorbed by the electrons, so they can be seen through the visual screen. It's the outline of the irradiated object. This is why the security screening machine sees whether there are any items with lower safety factors in or on the passenger's luggage.

X-ray tend to pass through materials with relatively few electrons (such as skin made of carbon-based molecules), but they are blocked by a large number of electron-carrying atoms. Therefore, the X-ray machine in the hospital can see through the skin to see the patient’s body. Diseased. Safeagle security inspection machine is suitable for postal sub-training lines, express sub-training lines, logistics sub-training lines, port terminal sub-training lines, factory sub-training lines, and other important departments in public places

Lead is a heavy metal with 82 electrons, which revolves around each atom, and is particularly good at blocking X-ray. This is why hospitals or security inspections use lead screens to stop X-ray. This is not because of the danger of X-ray, but to avoid prolonged exposure to the outside world and increase the sensitivity of the machine. The X-ray energy of this detection equipment is probably 0.02 to 0.05 millisieverts, and the prescribed safety value is 0.5 millisieverts or more, which is much smaller than the energy we are exposed to ultraviolet rays, so the X-ray machines we can access are safe.

In fact, there are many applications of X-ray. If our eyes have ultra-high-energy radiation with X-ray, this can be called a "special function". This function can help us improve efficiency and realize that it is not easy to be affected in life. What you discovered, if your eyes had this function, what would you use it for? Use your imagination, see you in the comment section.

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