Why does the computer need to be checked separately during the security check?


Why does the computer need to be checked separately during the security check?

Passengers who often fly by plane have a security check. They look like a long line from afar. They also need to take out the luggage one by one. The security checker also asked the computer to be taken out for a separate security check. After that, everyone will take it out one by one. I stuffed my luggage back, holding back my sorrow, and couldn't help but sigh up to the sky, why the computer has to be checked separately during the security check!

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Why do computers need to be checked separately during security checks?

This is due to the structure of the notebook computer. The internal structure of the notebook computer is complex, easy to modify, and contains a large number of electronic components, the structure is complex, the image when irradiated by the X-ray machine will be more complicated, and it may also cause interference to the X-ray imaging.

If there are other metal objects in the computer bag with the notebook, it is difficult for the security personnel to see clearly, and it is easy to miss the inspection of some dangerous goods, which may cause potential hazards.

In addition, the metal fittings of some computer bags can also interfere with the inspection by security personnel. There have also been cases of using laptops to hide other items and bring them onto the plane before, including lighters, mobile phones, drugs, knives, etc. Therefore, when we take the plane, these electronic products are subject to separate security checks.

It is also an international practice to take laptops, tablets, and other items out of the bag for separate inspections when going through the security check.

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What should I pay attention to when carrying a laptop through the security check?

How to improve the efficiency of security inspection? How to take your laptop to the airport, then the following tips will help you:

In order to increase the speed of security inspection, it is best to take out the computer bag in advance during the security inspection of the laptop, and pass it through the security inspection machine separately from other packages.

Do not put a CD in the CD-ROM drive of the computer, and do not use external USB flash drives, wireless network cards and other hardware devices. It is also best to put the power supply and the mouse in the security inspection machine separately from the computer to avoid unnecessary trouble during the security inspection.

Do not use a laptop bag to carry lighters. There are smoking booths at the airport, which can guarantee the needs of smokers, and consignment and carrying of lighters are expressly prohibited.

In order to speed up the efficiency of security inspection, try to consign paste and paste items as much as possible, and do not put them in the computer bag.

There are no hard and fast regulations on the number of computers that passengers carry on domestic flights, but there are certain requirements for computer batteries. If you carry more than two laptops, it is best to separate the battery from the computer and pack the battery with insulating materials such as foam paper.

Will the security check equipment have an adverse effect on the computer?

You may be worried that the security inspection equipment will have an adverse effect on the computer? In fact, there is no need to worry about this at all.

The current security inspection machines are actually X-ray machines, many of which are labeled "Film Safety." The security inspection equipment will not cause damage to light-sensitive objects such as handovers, and it is also safe for semiconductor devices such as computer storage equipment, so please rest assured!

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Why does the computer need to be checked separately during the security check?-Safeagle

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