How to treat the privacy problems caused by "face recognition"?(1)


How to treat the privacy problems caused by "face recognition"?

Recently, a US face recognition company, Clearview AI, suffered a data breach. This US startup company crawled from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Venmo, YouTube and other social networking platforms without the permission of the parties. Approximately 3 billion photos of human faces. Their main customer is the police station, which is said to be able to identify the face of a suspect in a few seconds. Twitter, Google, YouTube and other companies have sent letters to Clearview AI, asking it to stop accessing their own website data. This rather low-key company came to the public for alleged infringement of privacy.

Face recognition

Face recognition is used in many mobile phones. In addition to unlocking the screen, you can use WeChat or Alipay to pay for face recognition. This feature also gives us a lot of convenience. For example, you don’t have to go to the counter to open a bank account. Just pick up the phone to operate. Up. But as face recognition companies collect more and more data, there are also many questions, such as whether the face data belongs to the company or the user? To what extent can the company use this data? What if it leaks? Can the data be sold at a price? How can the collection of face data not infringe on personal privacy, and where are the boundaries? The application of big data technologies such as face recognition in various scenarios has aroused people's concerns about privacy violations.

Face recognition

Why can't privacy be violated?

Clearview AI CEO Hoan Ton is interviewed by CBS

Some people will say that the starting point for monitoring using face recognition and big data is good, and the motivation is well-intentioned. Hoan Ton, CEO of Clearview AI, argued that Clearview AI is to help law enforcement agencies better fight criminal offenses. He said he had "the best intentions." The problem is that under the well-intentioned motive, the processing power of private data is concentrated in the hands of a small group of people. This is very dangerous. In addition to the risk of leakage of the data under control, there is also the risk of abuse, such as repeated exposure. Police station staff use their positions to find personal hotel check-in records. Snooping on privacy and gossip are weaknesses of human nature. People will also have selfish desires and work for their own interests. We can't help but guard against them.

Others say that you don’t want to do bad things, you are not afraid of ghosts knocking on the door, you have not done bad things, and you don’t have to worry about being monitored. But in a normal society, everyone has privacy, and the law also protects the privacy of individuals. This right is to allow everyone a small private space not to be interfered by others, so that everyone can freely think, create, and grow. As far as the school is concerned, students need such an environment to develop a sound personality. If you live in a "panoramic prison" where everyone's words and deeds are monitored, personal personality cannot develop autonomously. Wouldn't the students cultivated have a thousand people and no individuality?

Some people will also say that they are not a celebrity or an important person, and that others will not be interested in knowing their personal information. This kind of thinking may not be rare. The root of the error is that you give up your own rights, and give the right to handle your own information and the right to decide on issues related to your own security to others, and it is assumed that those who use this information are not. Will do evil, which is actually a kind of gambling.

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How to treat the privacy problems caused by "face recognition"?(1)-Safeagle

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