Why is the infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement equipment the hottest weak current equipment in 2021?


Why is the infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement equipment the hottest weak current equipment in 2021?

What is the hottest weak current equipment in the first half of 2021? Infrared thermal imaging human body temperature measurement system has undoubtedly become the most popular intelligent weak current equipment. There are online and individual ones. They are widely used all over the country. Due to the extremely large demand and the lack of operation of many companies, the current supply of goods is insufficient. The company is out of stock. As a low-voltage practitioners, it is necessary for us to briefly understand what a thermal imaging human body temperature measurement system is?

What is thermal imaging technology?

Infrared thermal imaging technology (Thermography) is to use high-tech cameras to receive and reflect the physiological characteristics of the human body. By recording and analyzing the infrared information emitted by the human body, it uses visual pictures to show the temperature differences of various parts of the body; it is extremely sensitive Receives heat radiation generated by human cell metabolism, and displays the distribution, depth, intensity, shape, and trend of abnormal heat sources in the human body in different colors, thereby helping to determine the location of human lesions, the nature of the disease, and the extent of the disease. It is very suitable for new coronavirus pneumonia Exploration of potential fever patients.

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Application of Infrared Thermal Imager in Weak Electricity Industry

1. Monitoring without visible light

Alleviate the shortage of ordinary visible light CCD night/low illumination monitoring resources, reduce the density of manual supervision; not be affected by light, increase the intensity of night security monitoring; it can realize networked, remote monitoring, and 24-hour monitoring.

2. Strong concealment

In the night/low illumination environment, traditional monitoring often uses equipment supplemented by active light sources to achieve the monitoring effect. Therefore, for criminals with ulterior motives, these monitoring devices can be bypassed or targeted to destroy these devices to achieve criminal purposes.
Infrared thermal imaging cameras are passive imaging devices that can accurately image without any light source.

3. Monitoring in harsh environments

Due to the long wavelength of infrared, it has the characteristics of "smoke and fog". Infrared thermal imaging cameras can better realize the monitoring and recognition in harsh environments (such as rain, snow, smoke, fog, haze, and sandy weather).
The product can provide high-contrast images and improve the reliability of video analysis.

4. Intelligent analysis of infrared images

The infrared security monitoring system can realize intelligent automatic analysis. By setting the alert area, automatic tracking and alarming of intrusion, crossing, detention, and other behaviors can be realized.

The intelligent analysis function of visible light monitoring can be used in infrared camera video.

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Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging Weak Current Equipment in Epidemic Control

Infrared thermal imaging is a non-contact temperature measurement. By observing the crowd through a thermal imaging camera, the body temperature of exposed parts such as the forehead of the human body can be directly measured, avoiding direct contact between medical staff and patients.

Infrared medical thermal imaging camera, its temperature measurement accuracy can reach ±0.5℃. There are also many companies that have introduced infrared temperature measurement equipment with a temperature measurement accuracy of ±0.3℃ and ±0.2℃. I don't know what the situation is?

Through infrared thermal imaging and temperature measurement technology, the temperature of the passing people is screened, and security work is strengthened, so that the epidemic can be effectively controlled, the epidemic can be prevented from spreading rapidly, and the safety of local personnel can be ensured.


Why is the infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement equipment the hottest weak current equipment in 2021?-Safeagle

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