What is the principle of thermal imaging technology? -2


What is the principle of thermal imaging technology? -2

Infrared thermal imaging technology is an important means of nondestructive testing and evaluation. The thermal state reflected by it is an important aspect of equipment operation state. The change of thermal state and abnormal overheating are often of great significance to determine the actual working state of equipment and judge the reliability of equipment operation. The technology has high resolution and diversified display. It can continuously monitor the transient two-dimensional temperature distribution field on the object surface, which is convenient to find the hot zone, hot zone shape and hot spot distribution. It has incomparable advantages over other temperature measurement technologies. It can be widely used in petrochemical equipment monitoring such as thermal insulation lining defect detection, fault diagnosis, liquid level height detection and so on.


2, The basic principle of thermal imaging

Thermal imaging cameras are converted in this way. The photo-mechanical scanning mechanism decomposes the thermal radiation pattern of the scene received by the infrared telescope into thermal radiation signals and focuses them on the infrared detector. The detector and the image video system amplify and convert the thermal radiation signal into a video signal. You can see a magical picture. Thermal imaging cameras can identify small differences in temperature within a few hundredths of a degree Celsius. Thermal imaging technology is based on the fact that all objects generate heat. Although many objects cannot be seen from the outside, there are still hot and cold points on them. With the help of the colors on the heat map, we can see the temperature distribution. Red and pink indicate higher temperatures and blue and green indicate lower temperatures.


3. Application of Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging technology has been used in the military since the beginning of the nineteenth century. Since this instrument works by thermal radiation, it can let the soldiers clearly see the enemy's whereabouts through the dark battlefield. And because it is a passive receiving system, it is safer and more concealed than visible light devices such as radio radar. Now, thermal imaging technology has been widely used in daily life. An important application is to diagnose diseases. Everyone knows that when inflammation occurs in a certain part, the body temperature will rise. Measuring the body temperature can determine whether there is inflammation, but it cannot determine the specific location of the inflammation. Thermal imaging cameras can intuitively give the body temperature. Field distribution map, comparing the heat map of the lesion with the normal heat map, the diseased part can be diagnosed from the abnormal change. Thermal imaging technology can also be used in the operating room. When blood flows through the arteries that have just been installed, the color of the arteries on the thermal imaging camera turns from gray to white. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to observe whether the blood vessels are unobstructed or not. Similar to diagnosing diseases, electrical components, train axle boxes, circuit boards, etc. of high-voltage power transmission and transformation can be directly observed and checked with thermal imaging cameras to avoid losses caused by failures. Thermal imaging cameras can also be used for geological surveys, geothermal exploration, forest vegetation distribution, atmospheric and ocean monitoring, fire detection and rescue. Thermal imaging can help rescuers find those victims who are hidden by smoke and darkness, so as to rescue them. Thermal imaging technology can also help scientists further explore the mysteries of the universe. It can be expected that the application fields of thermal imaging technology will be more fully developed, promoted and popularized in the future.


What is the principle of thermal imaging technology? -2 -Safeagle

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