What is the technical principle of thermal imaging?


What is the technical principle of thermal imaging?

All objects, whether it is Arctic glaciers, flames, human bodies, or even the extremely cold deep space of the universe, can radiate electromagnetic waves as long as their temperature is higher than absolute zero (-273°C).

Thermal imaging mainly collects light in the thermal infrared band (8μm-14μm) to detect the thermal radiation emitted by the object. Thermal imaging converts thermal radiation into grayscale values, and then uses the difference in grayscale values of various objects to image. The thermal image of the target object is processed by the system and displayed in grayscale or pseudo-color to discover and identify the target. A thermal imager is a detection device that detects infrared energy (heat) through non-contact, and converts it into an electrical signal, and then generates a thermal image and temperature value on the display, and can calculate the temperature value.

As shown in the figure, the left side is a thermal image generated by the thermal imaging collection infrared waveband, and the right side is the picture obtained by the normal camera collecting visible light, which indicates the temperature of different parts of the car through different colors.


The application range of infrared thermal imaging cameras is extremely wide, and with the continuous development and popularization of infrared technology, new applications are constantly being developed. Infrared thermal imaging cameras can be used in medical temperature measurement. The infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement system integrates infrared and visible light, making temperature measurement and monitoring more accurate. Infrared thermal imaging thermometer can identify people with high temperature in the flow of people, and assist all kinds of public places (stations, airports, schools, shopping malls, office buildings) and other public places (stations, airports, schools, shopping malls, office buildings) and other personnel with high density of personnel to quickly screen for abnormal body temperature, realizing non-contact intensive Temperature measurement to solve the efficiency and controllability of passage in open places after the epidemic has stabilized.


Why should infrared thermometers be used to screen body temperature in public transportation hubs where people are concentrated in airports, stations, and passenger terminals?
Airports, stations, passenger terminals and other public transportation hubs have a very large flow of people and a very high density of people. Once congestion occurs, the consequences are unimaginable. The infrared thermometers currently installed in these important places are accurately called infrared thermal imaging thermometers. People call it an infrared thermal imaging camera or a thermal imaging camera. It has the characteristics of non-contact, fast temperature measurement, and wide area. It can detect targets with abnormal temperature from a large number of people in 0.1 second, without delaying the passage In the case of time, the safety of passengers is protected. The infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement function facilitates the management and investigation of the staff, so as to achieve early detection, early isolation, early treatment, and effective and effective control of the source of infection. This is responsible for the society, and it is also responsible for the prevention and control of the entire epidemic.


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