Can the X-ray machine be able to see the metal in the metal bottle?


Can the X-ray machine be able to see the metal in the metal bottle?


Many metals, concrete, and other substances have a great influence on the attenuation of X-rays, and the images obtained in X-ray machines are often different.

And our security inspection machine detects things, not to see what each item is, but to screen according to the material, and judge whether it is dangerous according to the material. Metal is naturally one of the key points, and the liquid cannot be let go.

Now the images from the security inspection machine are not black and white, not in color like our ordinary cameras. It belongs to "pseudo-color". To put it simply, a security inspection machine is to emit and receive rays, and people judge the security according to the received ray signals. There are 7 colors on Safeagle's security screen, which can better distinguish objects.


When it comes to color, we know the most primitive black-and-white images, and it is also the starting point for us to understand the captured images.


We see that the part is brighter. Why?

We know that when a ray penetrates an object, the energy will decay. According to Lambert's law, a specific substance will have an attenuation coefficient. Because the attenuation of this metal material is different from that of nearby materials, the difference in image brightness and shade will be caused. The greater the difference in attenuation coefficient, the greater the difference in the image will be.

That's the attenuation coefficient μ

(That's the attenuation coefficient ''μ'')

There are many problems in the security inspection of goods by the security inspection machine, among which deformation is one. However, after improvement, many problems have been solved. It gives you such colorful images, and laymen can even see what it is. Generally speaking, the manufacturer of the security inspection machine has obtained the general classification of the substances, classified the similar attenuation coefficients into one category, and calibrated the color.

The image post-processing of the security inspection machine will automatically amplify the received signal, color it according to the signal strength and other factors, and present the final image. The security inspection machine is not afraid of anything entering the inspection. Its energy can penetrate common metals, but it is not strong enough to ignite explosives. It is surrounded by lead anti-corrosion. When the metal is placed in the metal, isn't it a superposition relationship when the rays pass through? After the ray passes through the first layer of metal or penetrates all metals, the energy is too weak and presents a blank image. Of course, it is absolutely impossible to see! Because the energy emitted by the X-ray machine is generally constant, this special case needs to increase the energy to see. But why see it?

The purpose of security inspection is to check out dangerous goods. In addition to the security inspection machine, another detection method is visual inspection, which requires the other party to take out the things that the security inspection machine cannot see for inspection. Isn't that normal? Sometimes, when the airport security inspectors are not sure, they will also ask to take it out for inspection

Can the X-ray machine be able to see the metal in the metal bottle?-Safeagle


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