Is the security door harmful to human body?


Is the security door harmful to human body?

Every time you go to public places, such as airports, stations and subways, you will see a security gate. Mothers will face great enemies. Some pregnant mothers even refuse to accept security inspection because they are worried that their fetus will be exposed to radiation. It is conceivable that these friends do not understand the security gate, let alone the technology inside.

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Does the security check hurt the fetus in the abdomen? Is there radiation at the security gate?

The answer is completely harmless to the human body

The security gate is actually a metal detector, which uses the principle of electromagnetic induction: the coil with alternating current passing through generates a rapidly changing magnetic field, which can induce eddy current in the metal object; Eddy current will generate magnetic field, which in turn affects the original magnetic field and causes the detector to sound.

The accuracy and reliability of metal detector depend on the frequency stability of electromagnetic transmitter. Generally, the working frequency of 80-800 kHz is used. The lower the working frequency, the better the detection performance of iron. The higher the working frequency, the better the detection performance of high carbon steel.

Although there is electromagnetic radiation at the security gate(Electromagnetic radiation ≠ Nuclear radiation), this radiation belongs to the normal range for physical safety and does not cause any harm. However, many pregnant women are more worried about whether pregnant women can pass through the security gate. Does it have an impact on the fetus?

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Security door is a detection device for detecting whether personnel carry metal objects, also known as metal detection door. It has been widely used in airports and other important security facilities to prevent terrorist attacks. It has been proved to be one of the most effective security tools after a long time of practice. However, is there radiation at the security gate? Any electronic product has certain electromagnetic radiation. There is also a lot of electromagnetic radiation around us. For example, radio, television, mobile tower, high-voltage line, computer, TV, microwave oven, induction cooker, mobile phone, etc. Compared with these electronic products, the electromagnetic radiation of the security gate is very small. The reason is that the security gate is a weak magnetic field induction technology, and the power is very small, which is many times smaller than that of mobile phone calls! Less radiation than computer monitors.

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Therefore, the electromagnetic radiation of the security gate is safe. In fact, the security door is not an X-ray machine, but a metal detector. It detects metal by induced current. The thickness of the emitted magnetic field is very low, and there is no harm to pacemaker wearers, the weak, pregnant women, magnetic media and other electronic devices. So far, there are no reports of adverse effects of security inspection on pregnant women and fetuses. In addition, some common radiation in life, such as computer radiation and microwave oven radiation, have little impact on pregnant women and fetuses. Therefore, pregnant women don't have to worry and can go through the security gate.

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