How to choose thermal imaging and night vision?


How to choose thermal imaging and night vision?

Thermal imaging is also a kind of night vision, but thermal imaging is different from ordinary night vision! Thermal imaging is based on the passive reception of infrared energy radiated by everything above absolute zero! According to the different temperature of different objects and the different intensity of radiation, the detected infrared is defined and imaged. The display mode has a variety of styles, including common white heat, black heat, false color and so on!

Night vision instrument takes the initiative to receive and image. The night vision instrument must have an external light source shining on the object and reflected into the night vision machine to receive and image. The night vision device gathers the existing ambient light (starlight, moonlight or infrared light) through the front lens. This light composed of photons enters a photon cathode tube and turns photons into electrons. The electrons are then amplified to a greater number by electronic and chemical processes. Then the electrons are projected onto the screen, and the amplified electrons are changed back to visible light, which can be seen through the eyepiece.

Thermal imaging

Birds in the wild under the all night vision

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between thermal image and night vision instrument

The advantage of night vision is that it can see the target clearly and determine what the target looks like, a cat, a person or a rabbit. Thermal imaging can only identify and determine the target, see the contour of the person or target, and judge and determine what the target is from the contour behavior. If the target is not completely exposed, or the distance is too far, what you see on the display screen is an obvious point! Thermal imaging is based on temperature difference, so there are false targets! At the same time, the price of thermal imaging is much more expensive than night vision.


Thermal imaging has high thermal sensitivity and fine imaging

The advantages of thermal imaging can obviously show the targets with large temperature difference, see far, and can also be used in the all black environment. It can penetrate smoke and strong light have no impact on thermal imaging. The disadvantage of night vision instrument is that it can't see far. It needs supplementary light in all black environment and can't recognize camouflage.

Infrared thermal imaging technology converts the detected object radiation energy into electrical signal, and then generates the thermal image and temperature value displayed in gray level or pseudo color on the display, and can calculate the temperature value. Thermal imaging is the non-contact detection of infrared energy.

Many imaging instruments are more or less harmful to the human body, and far-infrared thermal imaging diagnosis will not produce any rays without labeling drugs. Therefore, it will not cause any harm to the human body and no pollution to the environment, and it is simple and economical.

These devices can monitor the temperature condition of the inspectors continuously for 24 hours. Once people have abnormal conditions such as fever, they can give early warning to win valuable treatment for patients and prevent New Coronavirus from spreading further.

SETC-Q20 thermal imaging camera

How to choose thermal imaging and night vision?-Safeagle

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