The price of X-ray security inspection machines varies greatly. How to judge what kind of price is reasonable?


The price of X-ray security inspection machines varies greatly. How to judge what kind of price is reasonable?

There are many brands of security inspection machines on the market, with prices ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and the price difference of X-ray security inspection machines of the same model is relatively large, so what is the difference between them? What kind of price is reasonable?

Security inspection X-ray machine can also be called security inspection machine or baggage inspection machine. Everyone is familiar with this equipment. It is the main baggage screening equipment for subways, bus stations, railway stations, and airports. The principle is very simple, it is to use the ability of X-rays to penetrate matter. Different densities, different thicknesses, different components, and different penetration capabilities of X-rays. X-ray machines can identify objects in luggage based on their different penetration capabilities for various substances.

X-ray machines can not only recognize the shape of objects, but also display colors. The colors of various substances are different. For example, paper, clothes and various foods generally display orange. Mixed materials and light metals, such as those containing sodium, silicon, and aluminum, are generally displayed in green. Iron, copper, silver, etc. are displayed in black and blue. The brightness of the above various colors depends on the density and thickness of the material.

The price of the security check machine reflects the difference of the security check machine. Even the security inspection machines of the same model are different because of different manufacturers. The X-ray source, an important accessory of the security inspection machine, is also reflected in the price gap. Some of the security inspection machine's ray sources can wear 48 mm steel plates, and some can only wear 34 mm steel plates, so the stronger the penetration, the more expensive the security inspection machine.

X-ray security

Moreover, the security inspection machine has been working under high voltage for a long time, and the stability of the security inspection machine of different prices is also different. Some were broken in a short period of time and could not be repaired. Many dealers are leather bag companies and rely on a business license to operate. Once the boss runs away, what after-sales service is empty talk. 

And our Safeagle is a manufacturer of security inspection machines and has the ability to independently develop security inspection machines. Safeagle shows images in 7 colors, enables users to achieve optimal material identification by allowing them to view screened objects in 7 colors, each color correcting to a specific range of Atomic Z-number.

X-ray security

X-ray security

The second thing that affects the price difference is the size, Because the size of the model is different, the price will also vary. The commonly used models of X-ray machines are 5030, 6550, 8065, 10080, etc. The difference between them is the channel size. For example, 5030 indicates that the channel size is 500mm wide and 300mm high. It is generally used to detect small items, and 10080 indicates the channel size. The width is 1000mm and the height is 800mm. It is generally used to detect large items.

So how can consumers buy a reasonably priced security inspection machine? In fact, it is not difficult, choose Safeagle, the best machine at the best price. :-p

The price of X-ray security inspection machines varies greatly. How to judge what kind of price is reasonable?-Safeagle


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