What can't I take with me at the security gate of the railway station?


What can't I take with me at the security gate of the railway station?

Usually, we need to go through security check by car, train and subway. What can't we take with us at the security check door of the railway station when we go far and need to take a train? What can't pass the security check and take on the train?

security gate

General information: articles prohibited or restricted by the state; Dangerous goods, ammunition and chemical products of undetermined nature in laws and regulations; Animals and articles that hinder public guards, such as malodorous and peculiar smell articles; Contaminating and damaging articles of the train; Overweight and out of gauge items.

Security gate is a detection device for detecting whether personnel carry metal objects, also known as metal detection door. Metal detection security door is mainly used in public places with large flow of people such as airports, stations and large conferences to check metal objects hidden on people's body, such as guns, controlled knives, etc.

security gate

There are seven categories of articles:

1、 Guns and tools

1. Official guns: pistols, rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, riot guns, etc;

2. Civilian guns: air guns, shotguns, small caliber shooting sports guns, anesthesia injection guns, etc;

3. Other guns: simulation gun, prop gun, starting gun, steel ball gun, tear gun, electric shock gun, fire-fighting gun, etc;

4. All kinds of offensive instruments and tools: baton, tear gas, electric shock, defense, bow, crossbow, etc.

2、 Explosives

1. Ammunition: all kinds of shells and bullets;

2. Blasting equipment: explosives, detonators, detonators, detonating cords, blasting agents, grenades, etc;

3. Fireworks products: fireworks shells, fireworks, firecrackers, falling guns, pulling guns, smashing guns, starting paper, black powder, pyrotechnic agent, lead wire, etc.

2、 Control tool

Dagger, three edge knife (including three edge scraper for machining), spring knife with self-locking device and other similar single edge, double edge, three edge knives, etc.

3、 Inflammables and explosives

1. Flammable, combustion supporting, combustible toxic compressed gas and liquefied gas: hydrogen, methane, ethane, butane, natural gas, ethylene, propylene, acetylene (soluble in medium), carbon monoxide, liquefied petroleum gas, oxygen, gas (gas), etc;

2. Flammable liquids: gasoline, kerosene, diesel, benzene, ethanol (alcohol), acetone, ether, paint, thinner, rosin oil and products containing flammable solvents;

3. Flammable solids: red phosphorus, flash powder, solid alcohol, celluloid, etc;

4. Spontaneous combustion articles: yellow phosphorus, white phosphorus, nitrocellulose (including film), oil paper and its products;

5. Water burning articles: metal potassium, sodium, lithium, calcium carbide (calcium carbide), magnesium aluminum powder, etc;

6. Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides: potassium permanganate, potassium chlorate, sodium peroxide, potassium peroxide, lead peroxide, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

4、 Poison

Cyanide, arsenic, tetramine, mercury (mercury), highly toxic pesticides and other highly toxic chemicals, as well as selenium powder, phenol, raw lacquer, etc.

5、 Corrosive articles

Hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, storage battery (containing potassium hydroxide solid or injected with alkali solution), etc.

6、 Radioactive material

Radioisotopes, radioactive chemical reagents and chemical products, radioactive ores and ore, industrial products coated with radioactive luminescent agents, etc

7、 Infectious disease pathogen

Hepatitis B virus, anthrax virus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, HIV and so on.

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What can't I take with me at the security gate of the railway station? - Safeagle

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