In the era of online shopping, the importance of express security inspection machines is self-evident


In the era of online shopping, the importance of express security inspection machines is self-evident

How does the x-ray safety inspection accurately identify the hazard sources in the packaging? The security check machine is the key. In order to fully implement the requirements of "100% security inspection" of express mail, and to further improve the intelligence and information level of express security inspection work. Safeagle's X-ray security inspection machine is called a "champion-level machine" and has been widely used in pilot work in the postal express industry.

The security inspection machine is a means of efficiently inspecting express parcels. It not only saves manpower and material resources, but also has storage and recording functions based on the number of information. This is a rare and good way to establish scientific and efficient express logistics management.

The Safeagle security inspection machine can automatically identify items and has a storage function. It can reserve an intelligent identification module for contraband before checking the package. According to the density of the item and the degree of X-ray absorption, the depth of the image displayed on the machine screen during the security inspection will vary. different. When checking the passed express parcel, the display screen can be displayed in three types so that the security inspector can distinguish prohibited items. In addition, it can also comprehensively monitor each stage of the package in the express logistics process, and check whether the item exists, whether there is damage, etc., to reduce back-end disputes and accountability issues.

security inspection express deliver

The development history of security inspection machines in express delivery

The initial development of postal express security inspection and development can be described as difficult, not only expensive, but also inefficient. Devices that are not sufficiently intelligent have become cumbersome. So some companies began to think about whether they can make the postal express security inspection machine smarter and more user-friendly.

It was really difficult to break the predicament of express mail security inspection in the past few years, because the technical conditions were not up to date. Now, the time is ripe to benefit from the rapid development and practical application of artificial intelligence and large numbers based on computing.

Why is it so sure? Because Safeagle uses technology to solve the "century problem" of express delivery security inspection.

security inspection

security inspection

What is intelligence? First, it can automatically identify contraband; second, it can use deep learning algorithms and continue to develop, and it can communicate with various express companies to automatically match the sorting system.

For example, the sorting system will automatically complete parcel information and item comparison; instant matching and binding of courier numbers and X-ray pictures; automatic elimination of contraband, etc.

In terms of artificial intelligence judgment processing, the system uses convolutional neural network algorithms and deep learning tools, and then assists the artificial judgment and annotation team to continuously optimize models and algorithms, thereby improving the accuracy and accuracy of identifying types of contraband.

To be sure, with the accumulation of massive images and sample recognition by the new security inspection system, the algorithm will become more and more complex, and the speed and accuracy of the algorithm will also become higher. The identification of contraband will also become more and more accurate.

Finally, I conclude and look forward to the fact that artificial intelligence and Dashu will allow us to see and actually feel the possibility and feasibility of "smart security check" based on the application. And China’s express delivery industry is one of the largest X-ray sample libraries in the world, with massive amounts of hundreds of millions of images updated every day, which is absolutely positive for the continuous improvement and improvement of contraband and dangerous goods models. , Is also a natural advantage.

In the era of online shopping, the importance of express security inspection machines is self-evident - Safeagle

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