Do you still believe that these radiation will affect your health?


Do you still believe that these radiation will affect your health?

Modern people live in anxiety every day, afraid of water pollution, food additives, haze, and radiation... Modern technology has brought us benefits and fears, especially pregnant mothers, mobile phones, TVs, etc. Do hair dryers, security gates and X-rays all have radiation?


Does X-ray affect the embryo or fetus?

In theory, pregnant women receiving radiation doses of 5-15rad may produce fetal malformations. The radiation dose for common x-ray examinations is: a single chest x-ray is 0.00007rad, which exceeds the minimum standard for more than 70,000 images; a single CT of abdomen is 2.6rad, which exceeds the standard twice.

Electric blankets increase the chance of spontaneous abortion?

Electric blankets are low-frequency electromagnetic waves. The World Health Organization and other organizations have evaluated the radiation of electric blankets. Exposure to normal environmental electromagnetic field strength will not increase spontaneous abortion, fetal malformations, low birth weight, congenital diseases and other adverse results. risks of.

Hair dryer has a great impact on pregnant women and fetuses?

The possible threats of hair dryers to human health are mainly: low-frequency electric and low-frequency magnetic fields can generate or induce currents in the human body. If the currents are large enough, they can stimulate nerves and muscles.

Although the working power of a hair dryer is relatively large, up to 1000 watts, it can indeed radiate a relatively strong electromagnetic field. However, because the radiation of the hair dryer is a low-frequency electromagnetic field, although the radiation intensity seems to be huge, it is still lower than the intensity that will cause harm to the human body.

The home appliance with the largest microwave radiation?

The microwave oven that can generate the largest electromagnetic wave in household appliances has a higher frequency than a mobile phone, which means that it has more energy. But when you are 5 centimeters away from the microwave oven, the radiation is only a few hundred or even one thousandth of that of the mobile phone. It is recommended not to stick the pregnant belly on the door of the microwave oven when the meal is hot (Does the small fist hit me? Hee hee), it is best to let the husband accept this gift.

Computer/TV radiation may cause fetal malformations?

Up to now, studies including computer, television and television have failed to provide reliable evidence that electromagnetic radiation in daily life harms health.

Scientists followed 2,430 female operators for four years. Half of these women worked in front of the monitor and half were absent. In these four years, 730 people had 882 pregnancies. Scientists found that compared with women who do not work in front of the monitor, women who deal with the monitor receive more VLF radiation with a frequency of 15KHz, and there is no difference in other radiation conditions. The end result is that the two groups of women who work in front of the monitor and those who do not work in front of the monitor have no significant difference in the rate of miscarriage; no matter how many hours a week the women work in front of the monitor, or even during pregnancy, the results of the investigation are the same. the same.

radiation TV

How big is the mobile phone radiation? Can pregnant women use it?

Many people think how big a wave can a mobile phone be so small? What's more, everyone takes their mobile phones with them every day, and they can't stand it for a while. American scientists have done an experiment and found that mobile phone radiation in pregnant mice will affect the brains of offspring and may cause ADHD. This is the first experimental evidence to prove that mobile phone radiation does affect the behavior of adult animals. The researchers said that the next step of research must be conducted on humans to further understand the mechanism and determine the amount of mobile phone radiation that can be received during pregnancy.

But it is best for mothers-to-be to look at their mobile phones less, if it affects the baby's health, it is not cost-effective, and it is not good for the eyes. Wouldn't it be better to chat with the baby more!

How dangerous is the printer/copier?

Printers and photocopiers also emit electromagnetic radiation, but they are not harmful to the human body. The use of printers and photocopiers is not considered an extraordinary behavior. There is currently no evidence that daily non-ionizing radiation will increase the rate of abortion and fetal malformation in pregnant women, and it will not cause it. The newborn's birth weight is too low. Therefore, pregnant women need not be afraid of radiation from printers and copiers, but they still need to be cautious about this attitude. Normal people can't hug printers and copiers!

Will pregnant women going through security check affect the fetus?

radiation security check

Security inspection equipment is divided into two categories, baggage passage and passenger passage. The luggage passage uses X-rays to display the items in the luggage on the computer screen in the form of images. X-rays are harmful to the body. Therefore, there are lead plates on both sides of the equipment to avoid harmful radiation to the human body. The passenger passages, including security gates and hand-held metal detectors, are detected by magnetic lines of force, which cannot penetrate metal materials. If passengers carry metal objects on their bodies, the alarm will sound when they pass through the security gates. However, the magnetic line of force has almost no harm to the human body and meets safety standards.

Note: Pregnant women should carefully avoid exposure to electromagnetic waves. Especially when we don’t know whether electromagnetic waves are good or bad, we can never go wrong with caution, but we don't need to be too nervous, because:

NO.1 At present, there is no evidence that daily non-ionizing radiation will lead to the increase of pregnant women's abortion rate and fetal malformation rate, and it will not cause the newborn's birth weight to be too low;

NO.2 There is only very weak evidence that certain daily non-ionizing radiation is related to the onset of certain diseases, but the causal relationship cannot be proved;

Do you still believe that these radiations will affect your health? - Safeagle

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