Will X-ray security inspection machines harm the human body?


Will X-ray security inspection machines harm the human body?

X-ray security inspection machines, also known as baggage security inspection machine and luggage detector, is an electronic device that completes inspection by sending the checked baggage into the X-ray inspection channel by means of a conveyor belt. During security inspection, the X-ray machine emits X-rays, and after the X-rays pass through the checked bags, an X-ray perspective view is formed on the X-ray detection box.

X-ray security inspection machines

According to radiation protection standards, the X-ray dose should be less than 5 μGy/h (microgray per hour-unit time absorbed dose) at any position 5 cm away from the outer surface of the equipment (including the entrance and exit of the equipment). The radiation dose of X-ray security checkers actually used in subways and airports is much lower than that specified by national standards.

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(The powerful X-ray security inspection machines can "see-through" everything because X-rays are generated during operation!)

Some people may ask, I take the subway every day, many times, will the accumulated amount be harmful? At present, we do not have clear data on the radiation dose received by ordinary passengers every year when they pass by the security screening machine due to security checks. However, compared to ordinary passengers, security screening equipment operators will obviously receive more radiation, especially airport baggage security personnel, who often need to manually load or unload luggage from the security screening equipment, which will be more or less exposed to equipment leakage rays. Impact. In 2003, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a large-scale radiation dose survey on baggage screening personnel at the six major airports in the United States. The radiation dose is less than 0.12mSv (radiation absorbed dose equivalent unit - millisievert), which is lower than the dose limit specified in my country's national standards.

So does the X-ray security scanner have any effect on the scanned items? Since the radiation of the luggage X-ray security inspection machine is very small, X-ray scanning will not cause radioactive pollution. After scanning, there will be no radioactive material left on the luggage, and the food scanned by X-ray will not cause harm to human health.

Therefore, the internal radiation of X-ray security inspection equipment is not "very powerful", and the dose is much smaller than that of X-ray equipment used for medical diagnosis, and the radiation around the machine is very weak, even full-time operators need not be protected.

To ensure public safety, Safeagle guarantees that our products are completely harmless and free of radiation leakage.
☆The surrounding of the equipment casing and the collimator are shielded with lead plates.
☆The exit and entrance of the inspection passage are equipped with double-layer lead plastic curtains.
☆The inspection system has a safety interlock device to ensure that any interlock device in the emission area is cut off, and the X-ray emission can be stopped immediately.
☆When leaving the factory, the machine is subjected to a full range of radiation dose detection, which fully meets international standards before leaving the factory.

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Will X-ray security inspection machines harm the human body? - Safeagle

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