How does the X-RAY inspection equipment work?


How does the X-RAY inspection equipment work?

With the continuous development of electronic technology, SMT technology is becoming more and more popular, the size of the single-chip microcomputer chip is getting smaller and smaller, and the pin position of the single-chip microcomputer chip is also gradually increasing, especially the BGA single-chip microcomputer chip. Since the BGA MCU chip is not distributed according to the traditional design but is distributed at the bottom of the MCU chip, it is undoubtedly impossible to judge the quality of the solder joints according to the traditional artificial visual inspection, so it must be tested according to ICT and even functions. Therefore, X-ray inspection technology is more and more widely used in SMT post-reflow inspection. It can not only qualitatively analyze solder joints but also detect and correct faults in time.
Every industry has some helpful aids. In the electronics industry, X-RAY testing equipment is one of them.


How x-ray inspection equipment works.

1. First, the X-RAY device mainly utilizes the penetrating power of X-rays. X-rays have short wavelengths and high energy. When matter irradiates an object, it only absorbs a small portion of X-rays, and most of the energy of X-rays will pass through the gaps of matter atoms, showing strong penetration.

2. The x-ray device can detect the relationship between the penetrating force of x-rays and the density of materials, and can distinguish materials of different densities through differential absorption. This way, if the detected objects have different thicknesses, shape changes, different X-ray absorption and different images, different black and white images will be produced.

3. Can be used for IGBT semiconductor testing, BGA chip testing, LED light bar testing, PCB bare board testing, lithium battery testing, and non-destructive testing of aluminum castings.

4. Briefly, use an interference-free microfocus x-ray device to output a high-quality fluoroscopic image, which is then converted to a signal received by a flat panel detector. All functions of the operating software can be completed only with the mouse, which is easy to use. Standard high performance x-ray tubes can detect defects down to 5 microns, some x-ray equipment can detect defects below 2.5 microns, the system can be magnified 1000 times, and the object can be tilted. X-ray devices can be detected manually or automatically, and detection data can be automatically generated.


X-ray technology has evolved from the previous 2D inspection station to the current 3D inspection method. The former is a projection x-ray flaw detection method, which can produce a clear visual image of the solder joints on a single board, but the currently commonly used double-sided reflow soldering board has a poor effect, resulting in the overlapping of the visual images of the two solder joints, making it difficult to distinguish. The latter's 3D inspection method uses a layered technique, that is, concentrating the beam on any layer and projecting the corresponding image onto a high-speed rotating receiving surface. Due to the rotation of the receiving surface, the image on the intersection point is very clear, the image of other layers is removed, and the 3D inspection can independently image the solder joints on both sides of the board.

3DX-ray technology can not only detect double-sided soldered boards, but also comprehensively detect multi-layer image slices of invisible solder joints such as BGA, that is, the upper, middle and lower image slices of BGA solder ball joints. In addition, the method can also detect the through holes of the PTH solder joints, and detect whether the solder in the through holes is sufficient, which greatly improves the connection quality of the solder joints.

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Replace ICT with X-ray.

With the increase of layout density and the smaller size of equipment, the point space of ICT test is getting smaller and smaller when designing the layout. And for a complex layout, if it is sent directly from the SMT production line to the functional testing position, it will not only reduce the product qualification rate, but also increase the cost of fault diagnosis and maintenance of the circuit board. Even if the delivery is delayed, in today's competitive market, if the ICT inspection is replaced by the X-ray inspection, the production trajectory of the functional test can be guaranteed. In addition, batch inspection using X-ray in SMT production can reduce or even eliminate batch errors.

The scope of use of the X-RAY detection device.

1. Industrial X-RAY testing equipment is widely used, and can be used in lithium battery testing, semiconductor packaging, automotive, circuit board assembly (PCBA) and other industries. Measure the position and shape of the internal objects after packaging, find problems, confirm that the product is qualified, and observe the internal condition.

2. Specific application range: mainly used for SMT.LED.BGA.CSP flip-chip inspection, semiconductor, packaging components, lithium battery industry, electronic components, auto parts, photovoltaic industry, aluminum die-casting, molded plastics, ceramic products, etc. special industry.

How does the X-RAY inspection equipment work? - Safeagle

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