Under Vehicle Inspection System Supplier SE-UVIS100 of Advanced HD Line Scan Camera

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Brand Safeagle
Serial Number SE-UVIS100
Country of Origin Guangdong, China
Certificate CE. FCC, RoHs
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Minimum Order 1 PCS
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Package Details 1 PCS / Box, Package Box: 85(L)*65(W)*97(H)CM
Ability to Supply 10000/year

Under Vehicle Inspection System Supplier SE-UVIS100 of Advanced HD Line Scan Camera

Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) also called Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS). Similar as other products, the Under Vehicle Inspection System is also divided into several categories: Fixed Under Vehicle Inspection System & Mobile Under Vehicle Inspection System. As one of the leading Under Vehicle Inspection System Supplier in China, we constantly keep in pace with international and develop new items for our respected clients. Particularly, the SE-UVIS100 is designed as a more affordable series. And, it is also another type Mobile Under Vehicle Inspection System, which means can be moved. The image processing speed is very fast, can realize 1 second comes image. Meanwhile, the Under Vehicle Inspection System able to display (HD) images through intelligent algorithms (such as imaging mosaic, or imaging sharpness, etc.) Very good at prevent security risk comes from bombs, dangerous biochemicals, weapons or individuals while access important area/places with high-protecting level. In places like : bank, checkpoint place, wharfs, military areas, or government. The illumination system components of 5 single sealed 80W LEDs, life span more than 6000hours.


Under Vehicle Inspection System Supplier

Under Vehicle Surveillance System

On Main Case & Imaging: the main case of our Mobile Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) is multi-seal design (IP68) that meets military-grade safety protection technology. And the modular combination design is for easy installation and maintenance. Can withstand high-strength pressure and wear resistance. Also its pressure resistance is more than 20 tons. Together with its anti-shock and anti-block design, it greatly enhances the protecting of precision instruments such as cameras. And all-weather work, 365 days and nights work without interruption. As for imaging, the Mobile Under Vehicle Inspection System adopts Dynamic mode imaging, using black and white, color linear array CCD scanning technology. It is one of the best imaging Under Vehicle Surveillance System on the market. And this mobile type Under Vehicle Inspection System Price is also much favorable than Fixed one.

China Under Vehicle Inspection System

Mobile Under Vehicle Inspection System

Using Applications & Working Principle: the Under Vehicle Inspection System is a security inspection equipment mainly used in customs, frontiers, prisons and other government departments or key sections. Its function is to check the contraband hidden in the bottom of the vehicle, as well as smuggling and taking private personnel. The use of the vehicle inspection system not only greatly improved the security inspection speed of these places, eased the traffic conditions, but also greatly improved the accuracy of security inspection. The working principle is : after the Under Vehicle Inspection System starts working and when there is vehicle passes, the main case / image scanner will send a sensing signal, and when the signal reaches the bottom of the vehicle and is reflected back, then bottom situation of the vehicle can be clearly reflected to the display screen, so that the inspect personnel can see if there are contraband or anything else in the bottom. In simply, the main case of our Under Vehicle Inspection System is used for scan the bottom of the vehicle and react to the system display monitor. Then operator can easily see under vehicle bottom image through the display monitor. As one of the leading Under Vehicle Inspection System Supplier in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, we can provide OEM & ODM services for worldwide customers. Welcome visit or contact us for more details on our Under Vehicle Surveillance System

Under Vehicle Inspection System


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