Ultrasonic Package Disinfecting Sprayer System SE-XS6645-1

Product Details
Brand Safeagle
Serial Number SE-XS6645-1
Country of Origin Guangdong, China
Certificate CE, RoHS, FCC, Radiation Safety License
Payment & Shipping Terms
Price Quote Negotiable
Minimum Order 1 Pieace
Average Delivery Time 3 days after payment
Payment Method Western Union,T/T,Paypal
Package Details 1 PCS / Wooden Box 1700*785*1285mm
Ability to Supply 30/Month

Ultrasonic Package Disinfecting Sprayer System SE-XS6645-1

Safeagle SE-XS6645 Ultrasonic Package Disinfecting Sprayer System designed and manufactured a set of customized spray disinfection systems for the needs of different industries. It can atomize the disinfectant to 0.5-5μm through ultrasonic waves and then enters it into the channel. When the package passes through the channel, the surface of the package will be fully covered by the atomized disinfectant (the coverage rate reaches 99.5%), and the package is fully covered. Causes slight wetting without generating runoff, thereby achieving the effect of disinfection and virus suppression.

Ultrasonic Package Disinfecting Sprayer System

Ultrasonic Package Disinfecting Sprayer System

Ultrasonic Package Disinfecting Sprayer System


  • Integrated Ultrasonic Atomization System
  • PLC Intelligent Control
  • 304 Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor Line



1600(L)*768(W)*1235(H)mm (Customizable)

Maximum Allowed Size of Items:

660(L)*450(W)mm (Customizable)

Convey Load Range:

100Kg-500Kg (Customizable)

Convey Speed:

10m/min-20m/min (Adjustable)

System Availability:


Voltage Rating:

AC 380V/220V range deviation ±7%

Working Frequency:

50Hz range deviation ±1Hz

Conveyor power:


Autoclave Rated Power:


Autoclave pressure:


Control Method:

1000-2000 pieces/hour

Temperature environment:

PLC control system

Temperature ladder:


Environmental Effects:

Less than 0.5/min

SE-XS6645 adopts an integrated metal body with an external spraying treatment, and the internal chamber is made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance and durability. The bottom is equipped with rubber wheels for easy movement. The System is equipped with a 304 stainless steel roller conveyor line, which is load-bearing and corrosion-resistant. Different types of conveying methods can be customized for different items and conveying requirements to meet all needs. The internal chamber of the equipment is equipped with four spray ports for disinfectant, which can kill the product at an all-around 360-degree angle without dead ends. Intelligent touch screen control, can count the number, open regularly, adjust the speed, automatically match the spray pressure, communication function (optional), fully intelligent PLC control. There is a liquid storage tank and a waste liquid recovery box at the bottom of the equipment, which is convenient for adding disinfectant and treating waste liquid.

Also SE-XS6645 can be used for disinfection and sterilization of cold chain commodities, express parcels, checked luggage, personal belongings, and turnover materials. Equipped with an Ultrasonic Disinfecting Sprayer System, it can be configured and customized according to different application scenarios. Simple operation and strong applicability.

1. The average fog formation is related to voltage, current, working water temperature, water quality, water level and air flow. The average fog volume is based on the test data obtained by using the standard test fixture under the standard test environment of our factory (optimal water level, optimal water temperature, etc.) (average after continuous operation for one hour).
2. The size of the mist particles is related to the structure of the air duct, water quality, water temperature and power; usually, clean tap water is used for the water quality. When the water temperature is off the upper limit value, the amount of mist and large particles will increase; when the power increases, the amount of mist and large particles will increase. Particles will also increase.
3. The above water level refers to the vertical distance from the surface of the atomizing sheet of the atomizer to the water surface.
4. The working current of the product will change with the working voltage and ambient temperature. It is recommended to work under the optimum water temperature and optimum voltage, and do not exceed the limit water temperature range.
5. The quality of water quality will affect the service life of the atomizing tablet. It is recommended to use clean tap water. The use of pure water, distilled water or reverse osmosis water with very low conductivity will cause the atomization and electrolytic disinfection to be unable to be turned on normally.

Ultrasonic Package Disinfecting Sprayer System SE-XS6645-1 - Safeagle

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