Portable Trace Explosive And Narcotic IMS Detector SE-ED2304

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Brand Safeagle
Serial Number SE-ED2304
Country of Origin Guangdong, China
Certificate CE, RoHS, FCC
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Minimum Order 1 Pieace
Average Delivery Time 7~30 days after payment
Payment Method Western Union,T/T,Paypal
Package Details 465*390*235mm/Wooden Case 9kg
Ability to Supply 30/Month

Portable Trace Explosive And Narcotic IMS Detector SE-ED2304

Safeagle Dual-tube Dual-mode Portable Trace Explosive and Narcotic IMS Detector SE-ED2304, Independent IP VUV Non-Radioactive Ionization Source IMS.

Portable Trace Explosive And Narcotic IMS Detector SE-ED2304




High-Resolution Photoionization Ion Mobility Spectroscopy

Sample Collection

Wipe sampling cloth


Nanogram level

Analysis Time


Alarm Type

Sound + on-screen display information

Detection Rate

Detection Rate: ≥99%, False Alarm Rate: ≤1%

Detectable Types

Types of explosives: various military, civilian, and terrestrial explosives, such as TNT, RDX, PET, NG, AN, black powder (BP), Tetry1, DNT, Gina (DINA), PA, C4, SEMTEX, TATP, HMTD,

Oktojin (HMX)


Sulfur-containing explosives, Comp explosives, AN-TNT, AN-containing, Ammonium expansion, Nitroguanidine, Nitromethane, and PYX, etc., new samples can be added to library as needed.


Narcotics types: Fentany1, COC, Heroin, THC, MAMP, KET, MOR, MDMA, Ephedrine, Methy1 Ephedrine, Amphetamine, Pentachlorophenol, MDA, Dulamine, Papaverine, Opium, Synthetic Ephedrine, Methadone, Caffeine, Numb, Codeine, Pseudoephedrine, Oxazepam, etc. New samples can be added to the library as needed.

Cold start Time

< 5minutes

Display Screen

5” TFT Color LCD Touch Screen

Detection Limit

TNT~0.1ng, COC~0.5ng


100ng TNT < 20 seconds

Overload recovery

1μgTNT<1minute, 1μg cocaine <2minutes

Battery parameters

Continuous power more than 3hours


Wifi or Ethernet network connection, Remote monitor, and data download

Working Environment

-10 to 55, relative humidity <95% non-condensing

Supply Supply

100240V/AC, 50-60Hz/24VDC and lithium-ion battery

History records

Provide historical records for detection results, daily journals


4.3 kg including battery

Dimensions (L x W x H)

340*175*180 mm

Competitive Advantages
- A Stanford University PhD leads the innovation.
- Dual-tube Dual-mode detector capable of detecting dozens of explosives and drugs simultaneously.
- Detection sensitivity in nanogram, while TNT/Fentany1 reaches picogram levels.
- Excellent performance in anti-drug campaign and real-world double-blind tests.
- Detects TATP, HMTD, chlorates, nitrates, and a few kinds of tentany1.
- ISO 9001 quality control certificate, product quality is in accordance with US/EU standards.

Product Features:
- Innovated vacuum ultraviolet photoionization source ensures long-term stability for consistent inspection.
- Does not contain any radioactive substances and hazards, resulting safe and clean environment in all aspects of usage, storage and disposal.
- Automated calibration ensures accurate inspection, allowing the detector to work reliably in complex and variable environments.
- Fast detection and analysis, with test results reported in seconds, multi-level sensitivity settings to meet different application scenarios.
- Alarm information includes categories and names of prohibited substances and the new substances can be added to the library as the client required.
- Simple operation, one-click inspection, friendly user interface with 5-inch TFT color LCD touch screen.
- Automatically clean and purify the detection system.
- Provide alarms such as sound, light, and characters, while the user can set the silent alarm mode as needed.
- Wifi-or Ethernet to provide remote monitor from a control center, provide daily journal and alarm history information.
- Adopts modularized design through interface and index information, enabling customized detection projects and content, so that expansibility is more flexible.

Using Applications
Aviation security inspections, security inspections of subways, railways, highways, and seaports. Logistics parcel inspection, drug detection, public security riot centers at all levels, government branches, police, border control, courts, customs, embassies, museums, churches, luxury hotels, and large-scale public events.

Portable Trace Explosive And Narcotic IMS Detector

Portable Trace Explosive And Narcotic IMS Detector SE-ED2304

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