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Road Blocker Traffic Control Access System 

   Shenzhen Jinjian Era Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that integrates production and sales. We are independent producers and distributors of road blocker products. Over the years we have been committed to developing cost-effective products. Roadblock series products include collision tire killer, hydraulic road blocker and hydraulic rising bollard. These products are widely used in the security check.
   We produce and sell the Road Blocker Series on our own. In order to provide customers with the highest quality products, we have integrated the most advanced science and technology on the market, selected the best quality spare parts, and repeated tests. In the constant exploration and practice, we have created a number of products with and high-cost performance. If prefer to cost-effective products, Safeagle Road Blocker Series is your best choice.

Road Blocker Series


Application of the Road Blocker Series 

   In recent years, many lawless elements have used car bombs to attack, which has hurt many innocent lives. People are paying more and more attention to roadblock series products. They effectively prevented the vehicle from entering, avoiding unnecessary bloodshed and sacrifice. So many places began to install this type of product, especially in some war-torn countries.
  Our products have leaped to the domestic and international markets with excellent cost performance and are exported to the United States, Russia, Turkey, Africa, and other regions. The product has won the praise of customers. Our domestic partners are mainly from national institutions. Products are widely used in public security departments, border defense departments, government departments, schools, stations, and airports. Through the restrictions on passing vehicles, the traffic order is effectively guaranteed, and the safety of important places is also guaranteed.
  Safeagle best designed Spike Hydraulic road blocker is implemented right into the grounds in a stealth form to make it completely invisible to threats. We have succeeded in making prior improvements in the functioning of the blocker to speed and agility. As our products are highly tested in the industrial grounds with similar levels of threats, keeping you safe is our only concern and we take it really seriously with every bit of opportunity to be used as an advantage on your side. Our products make sure you stay safe in your area even under serious threat.

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