Compact X Ray Machine

Compact X Ray Machine

X Ray MachineCompact and Easy-to-use X Ray Machine for Quick Inspection of the Handbag

With the frequent occurrence of terrorist attacks, the national government is aware of the citizen's safety is being seriously threatened, and relevant security laws and regulations are also being implemented. Nowadays, the convenience of the trip gives many criminals a chance to perpetrate terrorist attacks. The criminal acts of smuggling of firearms, the carrying of dangerous goods and explosives that endanger people's lives and social security are all rampant because of the convenience of access. It is necessary to carry out relevant safety inspections for the personnel involved. Such the security inspections are necessary, strict and prudent.

Safeagle compact x ray machine series includes model F5030 with tunnel size 504(W)*304(H)mm, SE-HP5335 with tunnel size 556(W)*355(H)mm,SE HP6040 with tunnel size 630(W)*425(H)mm, F6550 with tunnel size 655(W)*500(H)mm, the conveyor loading range from 100kg to 170kg. If the checkpoint space is limited and only need to inspect the small and mid-size baggage, these compact models will be the your ideal choice.

Every single day, millions of handbags and parcels all over the world are detected at metro stations, hotel, airports, office building, events and other government buildings using Safeagle compact x ray screening machine. These systems are versatile to adapt to different screening occations providing the stable performance and functionality to assist identification of explosives and contraband.

The penetrating insight of x ray  is realized by X-rays, and is an electronic x ray baggage inspection system that performs inspection by means of the conveyor belt to carry the checked baggage into X-ray inspection tunnel. When baggage go through the tunnel, the detection sensor will be blocked, and the detector converts the X-ray into signal sendign it to signal processing certer for further processing. The material in bag will be transformed into a perspective image of four colors defined according to the atomic number, Orange, green, blue and black. Orange stands for organic matter, such as food, plastics. books, ceramics and other mixture things are shown in green; the inorganic objects are shown in blue, such as metal, gun, cutters, etc. and high-density materials that are impenetrable are shown in black.

China Manufacturer of X Ray Baggage Inspection System with 4 Color Images

Many people are worrying about the direct impact of radiation on human body, whether the radiation will change the food in their bags scanned by x ray machine? Is the X-ray security instrument really so horrible? Luggage X-ray security instrument and medical X-ray diagnosis needs to scan target by x rays to generate the x ray image. But the radiation dose of the baggage scanner is much lower than that of medical X-ray device, because the image of the luggage scanner does no need to reach the resolution of medical diagnostic level.

According to the national standard GB15208.1-2005, the single inspection dose of the X-ray security tester should not exceed 5µSv/h, and at any position 5 cm away from the outer surface of the device, including entrance and exit, the X Ray Machine dose should be less than 5µSv/h. This standard is the same as the US FDA standard. In fact, the X-ray security detectors used in subways and airports have much lower radiation doses than those specified by national standards.


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