Classic X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Classic X-Ray Baggage Machine for Quick Inspection of the Handbag

Safeagle X-ray baggager series includes model F5030 with tunnel size 504(W)*304(H)mm, SE-HP5335 with tunnel size 556(W)*355(H)mm, SE HP6040 with tunnel size 630(W)*425(H)mm, F6550 with tunnel size 655(W)*500(H)mm, the conveyor loading range from 100kg to 170kg. If the checkpoint space is limited and only needs to inspect the small and mid-size baggage, these compact models will be your ideal choice.

Classic Series X-ray Baggage Scanner are cost-effective, and versatile to adapt to different screening occasions providing stable performance and functionality to assist the identification of contraband. It is adopted with 4-colors imaging technology, the materials an object is composed of are assigned to 4 groups according to the effective atomic number.


X-Ray Baggage Inspection System with 4 Color Images


X-ray baggage 4-color image

Every single day, millions of handbags and parcels all over the world are detected at metro stations, hotels, airports, office buildings, events, and other government buildings using Safeagle compact x-ray screening machines. These systems are versatile to adapt to different screening occasions providing stable performance and functionality to assist the identification of explosives and contraband.

Many people are worried about the direct impact of radiation on the human body, whether the radiation will change the food in their bags scanned by x-ray machines? Is the X-ray security instrument really so horrible? Luggage X-ray security instruments and medical X-ray diagnoses need to scan target by x rays to generate the x-ray image. But the radiation dose of the baggage scanner is much lower than that of a medical X-ray device because the image of the luggage scanner does not need to reach the resolution of the medical diagnostic level.

According to the national standard GB15208.1-2005, the single inspection dose of the  X-Ray Baggage security tester should not exceed 5µSv/h, and at any position 5 cm away from the outer surface of the device, including entrance and exit, the X-Ray Machine dose should be less than 5µSv/h. This standard is the same as the US FDA standard. In fact, the X-ray security detectors used in subways and airports have much lower radiation doses than those specified by national standards

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