X Ray Baggage Scanner from Safeagle, Choice of Wisdom!


X Ray Baggage Scanner from Safeagle, Choice of Wisdom!


It seems that terrorist attacks are far away from us. However, the fact is, threat towards public safety is lurking every moment and can be found in dozens of places, waiting for chance to slip through gap and causing tragedy. Airports, railway stations, underground stations and other places crowded with people are always easy targets for terrorists and criminals.


Counter terrorism has become a major concern all over the world these days. Public safety is the main subject of government and organizations. For example, Sri Lanka government has strengthened the security level in airport, hotels and other public places after the bombing in April, 2019. Lives are lost and the loved ones are devastated.

Is there any effective solution to prevent such disasters from happening again in the future?


The answer is yes, with X-Ray baggage scanner.


X Ray Baggage Scanner



X Ray baggage scanner / X Ray Security Inspection Machine is composed of a main security inspector, a conveyor belt, a computer monitor and a tunnel. Each item is carried through the machine by conveyor belt for X Ray Baggage Inspection System. X-rays is similar to light, except that they are electromagnetic waves which is much more energetic. Dependent on the tube voltage embedded inside the machine, the light can penetrate steel from 3mm to 38mm solid steel. During this process, different objects will show different colors and shapes on the screen. The powerful software will analyze and clarify them so that the security staff can identify the dangerous items in the baggage.


Since different materials absorb X-rays at different levels, the image on the monitor lets the machine operator see distinct items inside your bag. Items are typically colored on the display monitor, based on the range of energy that passes through the object, to represent one of three main categories:






Organic materials generally include timber, oil, water, alcohol, light hydrocarbon, etc., which is the potential source of natural gas, explosives, drugs. It appears orange on the screen.


Inorganic materials generally include paper, glass, teflon, which could be the source of drugs and germs. It appears green to slight blue on the screen.


Metal generally aluminium, silicon, bronze, lead, etc, which can be made into guns, knives. As it is hard to be penetrated, it usually appears blue, violet and black on the screen.

X Ray Security Inspection Machine Image




There are a number of items that you cannot carry on a plane, and some of that can't be packed in your bags, either:


Explosives: Fireworks, ammunition, sparklers, matches, gunpowder, signal flares

Weapons: Guns, swords, pepper spray, mace, martial arts weapons, swords, knives with blades of any length

Pressurized containers: Hair spray, oxygen tanks, propane tanks, spray paint, insect repellant

Household items: Flammable liquids, solvents, bleach, pool chemicals, flammable perfume in bottles 16 ounces or larger

Poisons: Insecticides, pesticides, rat poison, arsenic, cyanide

Corrosives: Car batteries, acids, lye, drain cleaner, mercury


WILL X Ray Baggage Scanner HARM ME? 


It’s understandable that since X-Ray poses radiation threat, will it be harmful to human being?


The answer is no.


The security equipment these days have been so advanced that they can literally reduced to ZERO hazard on human. Especially with Safeagle’s double leaded curtains and protective cover design, we successfully reduced the radiation leakage to 0.06, while the international standard is 1µGy/h!

X Ray Baggage Inspection System




Safeagle X Ray Baggage Scanner / X Ray Screening Machine Series are proud of stable performance and high sensitivity. It can work perfectly under discriminating circumstances with high accuracy of distinguishing suspicious subjects. It is ideal for a broad range of applications - beyond the school,airport, and courthouse. We offer the most cost-effective products with the most reasonable prices, tailored solutions and unparalleled after-sale service. Apart from warranty that comes in a package, our remote technical support and on-site training will leave you no concern with choosing us! 


Join Safeagle to build a safer world!

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