X-ray Inspection System Test Piece SE-TP01

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Brand Safeagle
Serial Number SE-TP01
Country of Origin Guangdong, China
Certificate CE, RoHS
Payment & Shipping Terms
Price Quote Negotiable
Minimum Order 1 Pieace
Average Delivery Time 7~30 days after payment
Payment Method Western Union,T/T,Paypal
Package Details 1 PCS / Wooden Box
Ability to Supply 100/Month

 X-ray Inspection System Test Piece SE-TP01

The X-ray Inspection System Test Piece SE-TP01 is meticulously crafted to provide an objective evaluation and scoring mechanism for assessing the technical capabilities of a system. This segment exclusively focuses on objective assessment methods, necessitating the utilization of X-ray test objects. Through the deployment of test pieces, we establish methodologies to gauge the imaging performance of X-ray systems employed in security inspections. This involves scrutinizing whether the system aligns with the manufacturer's specifications and if its performance undergoes changes over time or exhibits a combination of both aspects.

In the realm of security X-ray systems, the utilization of X-ray step wedges serves as a fundamental method for testing objects and establishing standardized procedures to determine the performance levels of these systems. This industry practice extends to measuring the imaging capabilities of X-ray systems specifically utilized for security screening purposes. These systems play a critical role in screening for prohibited items such as weapons, explosives, and other hazardous devices in various scenarios, including baggage, packages, cargo, and mail.

(Test Piece A)

 X-ray Inspection System Test Piece SE-TP01 Size


 X-ray Inspection System Test Piece SE-TP01

 X-ray Inspection System Test Piece SE-TP01


















(Test Piece B)


 X-ray Inspection System Test Piece SE-TP01 B


 X-ray Inspection System Test Piece SE-TP01 B

 X-ray Inspection System Test Piece SE-TP01 B

1-Flat washer 4

12-Countersunk head screw M5X12

2-Spring washer 4

13-Flat washer 5

3-Nut M4

14-Test card 8 (Steel step)

4-Lifting handle

15-Upper protective lining plate

5-Test card 6 (Organic material) 2

16-Test card 10 (Steel step)

6-Test card 6 (Organic material) 1

17-Nylon screw M4X16

7-Lower protective lining plate

18-Test card 9 (PVC board)

8-Long aluminum screw M4X30

19-Test card 9 (Simulation material)

9-Test card 7 (Thick aluminum step)

20-Test card 9 (Nylon)

10-Test card 7 (Thin aluminum step)

21-Test card 5 (ABS board)

11-Test card fixing plate



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Safeagle ( Shenzhen JinJian Era Technology Co., Limited ) was founded in 2014, and which headquartered in the beautiful coastal city - Shenzhen, China. It is a technology-oriented enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service of security inspection equipment.

As an excellent manufacturer providing full public safety solutions, main products include X-ray Security Inspection System, Walk-through Metal Detector, Explosive Detector, Body Temperature Detector, Under Vehicle Inspection System, Sterilization Disinfection System, etc.

At present, We hold our own core technology, independent intellectual property rights, and a number of national patents, passed CE, FDA, and RoHS certification, and products have been exported to more than 80 countries through distributors and agents, cover critical infrastructure, public security, express logistics, the customs, rail transportation, civil aviation, and other industries.

"Make The World Safer" is not just the name of our code of conduct. It is a reflection of the high standards we set for ourselves. We provide professional security solutions and first-class equipment. We recognize the importance of partners and work with customers around the world to build a safer world. We let the commitment of trust and mutual advocacy give us the impetus to move forward.

Safeagle The professional security solution provider. Aimed at building a service platform that includes high technology, R&D, manufacture, and sales in the security manufacture.  X-ray Inspection System Test Piece SE-TP01

Safeagle -  X-ray Inspection System Test Piece SE-TP01

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